Home is Where You Hang Your Heart

In Pirillo Vlog 502, we discuss the idea of Raw Vlog Weekends (not to be confused with Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog), wherein we just record and let you see what happens without the benefit of editing. (Editing takes a lot of time, yo.) This vlog may also contain one or more of the following: a Roman writes Diana’s name in the sand, my cholesterol levels make Jabba the Hutt look like a health nut (Jabba the Nutt?), a furry rug travels all over Diana’s clothes in spite of being mostly left at home, I spill stuff on my shirt to give it “character,” Wicket takes up the controversial occupation of bounty hunting, we hunt for bargains in a thrift store, and fall is coming.

Home is Where You Hang Your Heart

If this is the nice googley doll, you don’t want to see the mean one. Trust me.

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