Happy to Help You

Tired of seeing us at our house and the surrounding Seattle area in these vlogs day after day after day? Well, you’re in for a treat! Here, we take you with us to the Ignite-U Main Event at the Greater Tacoma Convention and Trade Center where I spoke this weekend. What the heck is the Ignite-U Main Event? Well, succinctly put by one of the kind folks who put on this thing, it’s 2012’s last part of “an event series that started in 2011 and features top notch speakers with topics ranging from motivation, inspiration, leadership, and character development to technology and how-tos in business.”

Top notch, they say? Well, I’m honored! Setting up a conference is not an easy thing to do (some of you may remember that I used to run one every year for a whole decade), so my hat’s always off to those who dare to go the extra mile to bring people together. Thanks, Sherri and Kieran Murry, for having me on board!

Happy to Help You

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