Gmail Problems

Gmail scalability issues, perhaps?

Hello, Chris. My name is [BLANK] from [BLANK]. Have you heard of anyone having problems with Gmail recently? Something has happened to my account; I did not change my password but now I cannot login. The Gmail Team told me to wait 5 days and then try to recover my password. I waited the requisite time (without any access whatsoever).

Today, I tried unsuccessfully to recover my password. As a last-ditch effort I chose to have Gmail send an email to my secondary email account. I was then told that an email had been sent to my secondary account. That wouldn’t be bad — except — I have never ever had a account.

This makes me wonder — have they deleted my account? Did they give it to someone else? This is so bizarre, it just cannot be normal. Thank you for reading this.

I use Gmail, but only as a secondary account (and to access Google’s growing list of services. I’ve warned people before: no matter what you happen to use, if you get the service for free, expect interruptions. The same holds true for any service provider (Microsoft, Yahoo!, etc.).