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TechOverlord has submitted a screencast to us in order to show off Sumo Paint. This is a free – and excellent – alternative to Photoshop. There are more features and filters than I can begin to describe in this short description. I messed around with Sumo Paint myself, and was pretty impressed with my results. Are you still not convinced? Go browse through some of the user contributions and let yourself be dazzled.

You can run Sumo Paint right in your browser, or download the desktop client. The interface is very user-friendly, and clean. It’s a snap to navigate around the menu without getting lost like you tend to do in Photoshop (before you are an expert, of course). Sumo Paint also has a thriving online art community of over a 6 million unique users and over 130 000 registered members from over 200 countries. The primary purpose of the community is to create, share, remix, explore, comment, rate and fave the artwork of its members.

Sumo Paint works on both OS X and Windows machines. However, you must have the latest version of Flash installed. One of the best features is that once you create a piece of art, YOU own the copyright. It’s your work, after all!

Thanks, TechOverlord for an excellent screencast! Remember, if you have ideas for our channels you can email them to me at any time. We’re always looking for new content from YOUR perspective. We have no idea what you want to see or read if you don’t tell us.

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7 thoughts on “Free Photoshop Alternative”

  1. Great news. I had access to Photoshop and had a hard time with it but I’m going to download this and hopefully it will be easier for a dense person like myself.

  2. I think that gimp is THE ALTERNATIVE ….it runs on Windows , MacOSX and linux ….Its free of charge ….and it contains mostly every thing in photoshop .

  3. I always use Gimp, either in Linux or Windows, and I am very happy with it…

    In Windows, however, I install Paint.NET for customers, as it is slightly easier than Gimp…

  4. Photoshop really isn’t that difficult. People tend to be intimidated by it because it has so many capabilities. Start simply and work upward. The problem with Photoshop is it is extremely overpriced, thanks to having absolutely no competition in the marketplace. If Gimp, and SUMO, etc., were real threats Adobe would drop the price of their software in a heartbeat.

    Gimp is OK, but it’s just not PS. Paint.NET is good for the average user who wants something simple.

    SUMO…is free if used in the browser. The downloadable version is $19 and requires (gag) Adobe Air to install it. While I don’t mind the fee, the fact that they use Adobe Air as an installation medium is unnerving to say the least.

    However…I downloaded it and played around with it a bit. Nothing fancy, but just to get the feel of it. And you know what? It’s pretty darned cool! Now I want to try some more exotic graphic stuff and see how it works.

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