Don’t Forget to Floss Today

The man with a toothache thinks everyone happy whose teeth are sound. — George Bernard Shaw

I may not have a toothache right now, but I certainly do my best to avoid getting one. Masticating fine foodstuffs with true abandon (as Diana and I both like to do) demands its own maintenance regimen, and one of the most important steps in oral hygiene is often forgotten on the typical roster of many: flossing.

I don’t know how it can be forgotten, honestly. Don’t you feel pressure between your teeth when you don’t floss? As you’ll see in this vlog, I was pressed for time and wasn’t able to floss immediately after chewing on a few choice slabs of bacon (mmm, bacon!) — it was all I could think about while recording video! Thoughts running through my head:

  • Hmm, my teeth feel tight. I can’t wait to floss.
  • Hmm, I wonder if there are visible chunks of bacon between my teeth.
  • I’m totally going to have to re-record this if there are visible chunks of bacon between my teeth.
  • Even if there aren’t visible chunks of bacon between my teeth, a USB microscope would change all that.
  • Visible and invisible chunks of bacon between my teeth are throwing me off my game, man.
  • Dear Universe, can I please go do some extreme flossing right this very minute? Pronto!

Okay, maybe you’re not as obsessed by flossing as I happen to be. What sorts of things make it impossible for you to concentrate on anything else until they’re taken care of?