Do You Like the New Facebook or the Old One?

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I have a Facebook account, and I log in every other day or so. I pretty much only log in to add friends, and ignore all App invitations people send me. Some people add only a small group of people they know, and others feel the need to add every person they can find. Apparently, Facebook has undergone a radical transformation, and there are a lot of grumblings as to whether people love or hate it. Andreas from Norway sent me the following email about this exact subject:

Last week, groups against the new Facebook design have been coming out of nowhere. I did a search for groups of people who love the new design, and I found only one group with 25 members. In comparison, there are nearly 700,000 members of anti-Facebook design groups! Do you think this is just hype? Do people hate change that much? Are they being lazy?

For me, I think the new design is anything but bad. It’s much cleaner, and more interactive. Two things I think are really big step ups in the design are:

  1. The chat, is really a step up for the Facebook site. Though people who is visiting Facebook, are probably connected to other chat clients at the same time.
  2. What I really hated with the “old” Facebook, was all the Apps people added to their sites. If you really want to have Apps showing what day of the week it is, or what car you like best, that’s fine. But please… put your Comment Wall at the top!! Thankfully, profile settings have been changed in the new version. The profile has all the latest activities in one line, and the Apps are hidden on a different page.

I have to agree wholeheartedly. I think the new design is fine, and good. Then again, I don’t get hung up on Web design so much that my whole life crumbles if it changes. I quit going to Facebook because of the amount of crap I saw on a constant basis. If I go to someone’s page, I want to see what people are up to, what events they may be going to, and what discussions they’re participating in. I hated seeing all those Apps sitting there, and seeing what Vampire bit who.

We launched two Facebook Apps for Geeks recently. GeeksStream will load all of the latest data right into your Facebook tab. That was created by Wesley. With this one, it will highlight the latest pictures, videos, Groups and even discussions.

The other Facebook App for Geeks is pretty much the same thing, just laid out in a completely different way. This has the 20 latest activities, the latest videos, and the latest forum threads and descriptions. This one is called simply Geeks.

You can add either or both of these Apps to your Facebook profile, in order to help spread the word, and to help keep you connected.


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