Diana Has Willpower (and an iPad mini)

Ever waited not-so-patiently for some new toy to arrive at your doorstep? Have you hit the “track package” button repeatedly on the carrier’s website like you were playing some kind of electronic whack-a-mole in hopes that the words “out for delivery” would magically change to something more tangible like, “at your front door right this very second, you antsy bugger!”

Well, have you?

You may have seen me express visible and audible excitement while awaiting the delivery of some special bundle of tech or another on our vlogs. In this one, my excitement is multiplied as a number of packages are gleefully anticipated. Diana, on the other hand, seems more than able to contain her excitement about the arrival of her iPad mini.

Does this make her some kind of emotionless space alien? Watch and find out!

Diana Has Willpower (and an iPad mini)

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