I’m chris @ pirillo . com, and if I don’t reply to your email within a few days, I may not have seen it and you might want to resend the message. I do my best to get back to everybody quickly with some kind of response. That’s just the kind of guy I am. You can read more about me before reaching out.

Feel free to drop me a line if you’re looking:

  • To sponsor one of my projects or content channels
  • To promote one of your products or services on a non-affiliate basis
  • To discuss a potential joint venture opportunity
  • To hire me for a content creation project
  • To ask questions that you would like me to answer
  • For me to consult with you on an hourly basis
  • For me to coach you on an ongoing basis
  • For me to speak at your event
  • For me to speak to your company and/or team

I also have other promotional opportunities available.

You Can Hire Me?

Yes, you can, whether you’re trying to tap into my brain or my audience. I’ve had 15+ years of experience doing “stuff.” What kind of stuff might I help you with?

  • Social Media Strategy and Facilitation (like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, et al)
  • Online and Offline Community Building
  • Video Strategy and Production (Including YouTube)
  • Audio, Video, Written Content Creation, or Curation
  • Web Site and Service Analysis, Insight
  • App / Software / Hardware Experience Feedback
  • Product & Service Marketing Assistance
  • General Technology Insight
  • Conference or Webinar: Chairing, Emceeing, Hosting [Example]

Again, I would also be more than happy to help you promote your product or service. It starts with you contacting me to ask. But don’t ask if I’ll work for free. I can’t do that. :) If you need business referrals to boost your confidence in my ability to deliver results, I’d be happy to provide them.

You Should Bring Me in to Speak to Your Group

No joke. I do it well. And if I wasn’t good at presenting information, my ~200,000 YouTube subscribers wouldn’t have stuck with me. I can speak on a variety of topics, too, in front of large or small audiences, in person, or virtually. Some topics include:

  • The Age of Personal Branding is Here
  • The Values of Community [Keynote Example]
  • Internet Entrepreneurship for Beginners
  • Online Marketing That isn’t Spammy
  • How to Do YouTube
  • The Rights and Wrongs of Social Media
  • You’re on Twitter. Now what?
  • The Future of Publishing
  • How to Craft Content That Doesn’t Suck
  • The World Owns Your Brand, Not You
  • What’s Wrong with My Web site?
  • How to Make Money from Being Yourself [Public Example]
  • It’s Not the Idea — It’s the Execution
  • “Pivot” is the New Black
  • How Your Business Can Survive Social Media
  • Embracing Technology is Difficult… if You Make It Difficult
  • Get Your Head out of That Spreadsheet; Numbers Are Relative
  • Privacy is an Illusion
  • Crowdsourcing is Always an Option
  • Am I “Doing” Facebook Right?
  • Why (and How) You Should Pay Attention to Google+

Of course, if you’re looking for me to tackle a topic that isn’t listed above, I would be more than happy to craft a presentation for your needs so long as my experience can speak to it. Just ask! My email address, again, is chris @ pirillo . com.