Chris Pirillo Vs. LockerGnome Logos

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For the longest time, I’d been using the registered LockerGnome logo for my projects. Then, someone designed a “cool” Chris Pirillo logo — and I started to use that one with more personal endeavors. Dunno. I’m having fun with both of ‘em! One’s a bit more cartoony, and the other is a bit more comicky. Dean Bailey took the time to share his thoughts regarding the use of these logos on real-world products. His email gave me a few chuckles…

In response to your query about the marketability of Chris Pirillo throw pillows, I have to confess that I wouldn’t buy one. I also wouldn’t buy a finder pillow, a Tux pillow, or any other sort of product like that. They’re unfortunately just too much geek for me despite me not only trying very hard to be the best geek I can be, but always wishing I was even better than I am in that respect.

I say this as a fellow Apple fan, however, I have to admit that if there was a slick enough Gentoo logo pillow and it didn’t involve a trip to the post office to pick it up, even though I’m not even running it on anything right now, then I would by a couple of them — if I had a place to put them and my wife let me decorate. It’s something I might even consider doing without consulting my wife or refusing to move the pillows if she didn’t like them.

My main reason for writing, other of the ramble, was to recognize that despite it being something that there may not be a big market for, that there indeed would be one I would imagine. I wouldn’t know what the profitability (or lack of it) would be for you, obviously. More important, I thought I should emphasize that the ‘cool Chris’ logo seems to me to be a better marketable item than the ‘fuzzy Chris’ from LockerGnome. If I were to get lost in geek products to the extent of Pirillo throw pillows, I’d want a more tightly crafted ‘Cool Chris’ pillow with a bit of stiffness to them in comparison to the Mac icon pillows, and if I wanted a fuzzy Chris pillow then I’d prefer it to be bigger and fluffy.

The size in your video made the Mac icon pillows look not really functional. As a guy, when buying a functional and comfortable pillow to mould to the shape of my back or stick between my legs while watching a movie, or lay my head on or whatever, I’d rather it not have another dude’s face on it. If the pillow was round and stiff that I could prop a little of my arm on it or stick a corner behind my back, or when I did lay my head on it I found it wasn’t incredibly comfortable, then that would feel more acceptable to fearing what people might think about my geeky affair that I may or may not have with the soft and comfy Pirillo pillows I have on my couch… or worse, on my bed, which by the way is a place they would never be.

I think you’d have to go with the cool Chris pillows that were stiff and shaped like a really short cylinder rather than a shape that just involved two pieces of round material.

Most importantly, as for ‘Cool Chris’ vs. ‘Comfy LockerGnome Chris’, I think you’re really short changing yourself by believing that cool Chris is too much. We are geeks, we know we are cool, you have made a thus far successful business of just being yourself as it looks from outside appearance and while there might be women out there that would think a soft squishy Pirillo pillow is cute, funny, lovable, and even sexy, there’s a lot more guys out there who know that despite you appearing to be a physically skinny guy, that like every other red blooded male in the world (and especially geeks) you are a master in Jedi mind tricks, Bruce Lee-style kung fu, and Samurai-sword fighting because every geek out there is naturally skilled at these things through visual osmosis — and has many hours of real life practice with all of these things, and The Force, through all the time we spend working at developing our skills while we dream at night even if we don’t even remember those dreams in which we train to be true masters.

To many people out there, you are a god among dorks. Sorry to word it like that, but I can’t really qualify you as a god among geeks without qualifying myself as a real wanker — since no one is a god, but the point is that there’s a lot of people that look up to you and a lot of them would presumably, by the nature of being a fan, have at least some part of their self image invested in you as the centerpiece of your web based community.

I can’t tie all this crap together. I’ll just say short and simple that you know full well that the cool Chris pillows are just as justifiable in design of persona and furthermore if you can without your head getting too big then its probably good for others. It seems like there’s indeed a place for both presentations of yourself but that “Fluffy Cute Chris” might not be the best thing for a Chris Pirillo fanatic to be looking forward to in the mail, maybe a cool Chris though, if you are actually going to do it.

Now that I’ve typed this, it seems all of a sudden incredibly irrelevant, its still my opinion though, and you asked.

So, the question remains: should we put my caricature’d face on pillows?