Why the Big Grin?

If you’re wondering why I’m grinning big like the kid who just won the cookie lottery, it’s because we will be giving away a MacBook Air at some point over the next few weeks!

Want details? Just keep watching, liking, and sharing these videos (as you’ve been doing, and which Diana and I both appreciate)!

Chris Mrs. Diana

8 thoughts on “Why the Big Grin?”

  1. This is a great way to get what Chris desires for the future of Locker gnome, a bigger and more diverse gathering of geeks sharing knowledge and experience. “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful!” – Mae West

  2. Chris. I love the vlogs and look forward to watching them every day. The fact that you are giving away a Macbook Air soon is an added bonus. I am curious how much time do you record each day? It must take a lot of work to show us a whole day in just 10 minutes.

  3. Nice smile and if iam silly to say but, you look like grayson for the “0tymoss” channel and about that macbook air…wow another giveaway i wont win, fingers crossed lol🙏

  4. A MacBook Air, That’s amazing. I’d be happy too if I could give away a MacBook Air to my fans.

  5. Nose Hair suggestion, Curly!
    MACBOOK AIR! COOL! Ok I haven’t had a mac since my Macintosh PLUS. DON’T JUDGE ME!!
    Yes I will join the weight loss. and I must say the quibbs you make about the things you like, music, movies, or toons are hilarious and make my day. However I have to ask how old you are since you don’t seem older than 20+ yrs old. SESAME STREET! Thats what I Mean ROFL. That last part was Gremlins for those who didn’t get it.. HAHAHAHAHA!

  6. MacBook Air? KEWL! I will certainly stay tuned! (I would stay tuned anyways, but WOW an MacBook Air!)

    And 50 weight loss tips too! I LOVE this Vlog!!!!!!!!! Recommending it to all my overweight friends!

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