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Loco Moco in Hawaii

The Loco Moco is a dish unique to Hawaiian cuisine. There are many variations, but the essential loco moco consists of white rice topped with a hamburger patty, a fried egg, and brown gravy. Variations may include bacon, ham, Spam, kalua pork, Portuguese sausage, teriyaki beef, teriyaki chicken, mahi-mahi, shrimp, oysters, and other meats.

It may not look like anything fancy – but it’s absolutely delicious!

Loco Moco in Hawaii

And apparently, it’s supposed to be topped with fried eggs (with runny egg yolk), but the server asked me how I wanted my eggs. Thank GOD I didn’t ask: “Do you have Egg Beaters?” Anyway, it’s not my fault that this Loco Moco experience was less-than-proper. I would like to apologize to all Hawaiians for this egg-regious error.

Are You a Victim of Wanderlust?

With all of the videos we’ve been doing recently that discuss different places to visit, I can’t help but think that I’m not traveling very often. I love what I do, and you all know I’m happy being the Great Indoorsman. But there are times when the wandering bug hits us all. There are many places that I have been fortunate to be able to visit in my life – and just as many more I haven’t had a chance to see yet. All of you have been sending in lists to me of your “top 10” places to visit in the cities you reside in. Reading them makes me wish I had the time, energy and resources to do a lot more visiting!

What is the one place you have visited that you could go back to over and over again? Why do you love it there so much? While you’re at it, tell us the one place you would most love to go to if you could. It will be interesting to see everyone’s ideas, thoughts and memories written out.

Don’t forget to take the time to catch up on what others on Lockergnome and Geeks have been up to today!

Top 10 Things to Do in Maine

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Do you like to travel? Where’s your favorite place to visit, and what is so wonderful about it? Lily, James and Sam all wrote in from Maine, listing their favorite places to visit, things you must not miss if you go there! My assistant Kat is engaged to Mike, another of our chat ops. Mike grew up in Maine as well, and as happy to contribute to this list with the others. Kat and Mike are staying in Indiana for now, until her daughter finishes Hgh School. After that, they plan to live in Maine, since Kat is in love with the place.

Here is a comprehensive list, made from all the suggestions received by Lily, James, Sam, Mike and Kat:

  • Old Fort Western – Old Fort Western, built in 1754 and a National Historic Landmark, is America’s oldest surviving wooden fort – a reminder of the great contest between cultures that dominated New England life 250 years ago.
  • Bush Compound – This vacation home in Kennebunkport is where former President Bush and his family stayed often.
  • L.L. Bean – L.L. Bean is a large sporting goods and clothing store, founded right here in Maine. The outlet is fantastic, and even full of lots of memorabilia.
  • Isamax Whoopie Snack Shop – This place is so famous and yummy, it’s been featured on Oprah! A Whoopie pie is two small round cakes (flavor of your choosing) filled with cream (again, your choice on flavor). They are simply YUM.
  • York Beach and Old Orchard Beach – Both beaches offer far more than just sand and shoreline. They both offer a variety of attractions, including bowling alleys, arcades and more.
  • Acadia National Park – Acadia is an absolutely gorgeous place, with beautiful mountains, tons of hiking, biking and snowmobile trails, and even offers carriage rides.
  • Bar Harbor – Bar Harbor is a hot vacation spot for many people every year. There are a ton of stores and shops, beaches, excellent restaurant, and so many things to see. The locals are very open and friendly, making your visit more fun and relaxing.
  • Desert of Maine – This place is an odd phenomenon, considering the rest of Maine is such a green state. In 1797 the Tuttle family moved to the 300 acre farm that once covered the Desert of Maine where they successfully raised crops of potatoes and hay for several years. Failure to rotate crops thereafter, combined with massive land – clearing and overgrazing resulted in severe soil eroison that exposed this hidden Desert. As the spreading sand grew uncontrollable, the Tuttles surrendered, leaving the Desert to it’s destiny.
  • West Quoddy Head Lighthouse and the Portland Head Light – Both are gorgeous lighthouses, and both are rich in history. No trip to Maine would be complete without taking the time to check out these lighthouses, and just soak in the amazing views nearby.
  • Sugarloaf – This is the place to go if you enjoy outdoor sporting in winter. It has the best skiing, snowmobiling and snowboarding in the state.
  • Fort Knox – This fort is made out of granite, and was manned during the Civil War. The newly constructed Penobscot Narrows Bridge boasts an observation tower, rising 420’ above sea level, which may only be accessed through the Fort. The observation tower provides a breathtaking view of the Penobscot River Valley, and is the only observatory like it in the Western Hemisphere!
  • Drive the Golden Road – The Golden Road runs from the town of Millinocket all the way to the Canadian border bisecting Maine’s remote forest lands. Named after the wealth in timber the road carries, it also offers breathtaking views of Mount Katahdin and wildlife viewing opportunities along its course.
  • Stephen King’s Home – Mike once met and interviewed this famous author, who hails from the state of Maine. Mr. King has donated much time and money to the city of Bangor over the years, including building a park and community pool for residents.

If you’re from Maine, or have visited there, let us know what other places should have made this list! Why do you love to visit them, what’s fun about them, and why would we want to put them on our places to see?

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Top 10 Things to Do on the Big Island of Hawaii

I’m heading to Hawaii in a few hours (for both personal and professional reasons). I’ll be staying at the Starwood Hotel courtesy of Hawaii Vacations! Expect to see quite a few Hawaiian photos and videos over the coming days. I’m not quite sure what I’ll be doing, really – other than attending a tweetup being held for me. I’ll primarily be on Oahu.

I’ve discovered that Traci is an amazing publicist (and I’m grateful she had the time in her busy schedule to accommodate my needs). If you were looking for someone with massive attention to detail, I’ve never worked with a better publicist in all my twelve years as an entrepreneur. No joke. She’s one of Hawaii’s treasures (and works well remotely, too).

So, community member Elliott Jacobson submitted this top list of things to do while I’m in Hawaii this week – specifically, on the Big Island (which I may or may not be on). I thought they’d be nice to share with you, too:

  1. Hike Waipi’o Valley
  2. Swim at Kua bay (White sand, turquoise water. Very generic Hawaiian beach)
  3. Kailua-Kona. Go on the FairWinds boat tour to Kealakekua bay. You won’t regret it.
  4. Take a stroll on Ali’i Drive in Kailua-Kona (With all the OTHER tourists)
  5. Go to Hilo (Gray skies, rainy all the time. Someone from Washington should feel right at home)
  6. Vist the Volcanoes National Park. Lots of stuff to do there; huge park.
  7. Drive around the island with frequent pit stops at the weirdest looking minimarts.
  8. Drive up to the summit of Mauna Kea (Thats where all the sweet space observatories are. Good fun)
  9. Hike up Kaloko
  10. Go to Ka Lae Point, the Southernmost point of the USA

Am I missing anything? Oh, yes – and here’s Traci singing and strumming on one of Hawaii’s beaches:


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Last month, I was fortunate to get to spend a few days aboard the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier. It was an absolutely amazing experience, and one that I’ve had a difficult time putting into words so you can understand what it was like.

In this particular video, you can see how close I was to the aircraft as it took off. To be standing there witnessing it from that close of a distance defies explanation – and words.

Have you ever been aboard an aircraft carrier? Have you been fortunate to be able to watch the precise maneuvers that take place aboard them? The teamwork to get even one of these babies off the ‘ground’ is seemingly effortless. I am in complete awe every time I think back on the experience, and watch these videos.

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How to Gain Perspective

Having first met Traci on Twitter a while ago (here), I’m finally answering one of her Questions of the Day: “When you feel like doing everything yourself, do you stop and think if it is really worth doing it at all?”

I’m not really sure what keeps me going, other than the belief that I’m working FOR something (not just AT something).

That “something” is seemingly ever-elusive, however; what I was working for 10 years ago was certainly different than what I was working on 5 years ago… was certainly different than what I was working on yesterday.

To tell you the truth, I know I can’t do everything on my own – and have certainly relied on friends and colleagues to help. I depend on nobody but myself to do the things I want to do, however (and I believe self-reliance does not take away from surrounding yourself with supportive people).

Seldom do I stop to ask myself if “all this” is worth doing. I just assume it’s worth doing for one reason or another – to fill my time, to fill my soul, to fill my legacy (and yes, to fill my bank accounts). Certainly, there are moments when I wonder if I’m working TOO hard – and that’s when I have to rely on those closest to me to remind me to step away from the computer and do something different (if only for a brief period).

Perspective is never gained by living on the line.

Traci is from Hawaii and is also a fan of serendipity. I’ve been to Hawaii twice in my life – and each time was an unmitigated disaster (through no fault of the destination). I was taken out of my element long enough to realize that it takes me a few days to acclimate to a new environment. In another week, I plan on returning to Oahu – if only to remake August 1st as a personal day. There’s at least one tweetup planned, and I’ll undoubtedly be recording videos with old and new friends during my stay. Yes, I’m hoping to gain more attention for Gnomedex, too. Maybe I’ll see you there?

What about you? Offer your answer to Traci.

Top 10 Things to Do in St. Louis, Missouri

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The response to my request for you to send me a list of places to visit in your home town has been phenomenal. Matt sent me an email, describing all of the excellent places he feels we should see if we ever should visit St. Louis!

  • The Gateway Arch – Can’t miss it, since it defines the St. Louis skyline. While the Arch is certainly a mathematical and architectural wonder, it commemorates westward expansion. Ride a Planet of the Apes-like capsule to the top and check out the museum underground.
  • The City Museum – It’s hard to explain – scrap metal is turned into art, and guests are encouraged to climb in/on it. Climb through a few airplanes suspended on wires fifty feet in the air, fall in the ball pit, or just get lost.
  • The Cathedral Basilica – One of the largest displays of mosaics in the world, this church is spectacular. They offer tours if interested, but definitely deserves a walk-though.
  • The Science Center – What started as an impressive planetarium has been expanded to include science education of all types. Hands-on science displays and an Omnimax are a must for kids, but plenty of entertainment for all ages.
  • The St. Louis Zoo – Rated the top zoo in the Midwest by the Chicago Tribune. And, thanks to my tax dollars, it’s free!
  • The Botanical Gardens – Oldest botanical garden in the nation, 80 acres of green in the city, BYOB free concert series in the summer, and feeding the carp in the Japanese garden are just a handful of reasons to visit.
  • Anheuser-Busch Brewery – Tours run every 10 minutes or so. Learn the history of St. Louis brewing and see the process of brewing Budweiser. While the tour is pretty sterile, the tasting room at the end makes up for it.
  • Forest Park – Almost twice the size of Central Park, Forest Park is one of the largest urban parks in the nation. Buildings from the 1904 World’s Fair and too many activities to list make this worth exploring.
  • Museum of Transportation – While it sports Bobby Darin’s “Dream Car” and the only operational turbine car on public display, this museum is best known for it’s trains. Hundreds of steam/diesel/electric engines, passenger cars, box cars, and cabooses that are restored and touchable make this museum a must for any modern history buff.
  • The U. City Loop – Recently voted “one of the 10 Great Streets in America” the loop is a popular and relaxed hangout for hippies and hipsters doing their best to mock the Portland feel. 80+ Chuck Berry still plays once a month at Blueberry Hill restaurant and bar (also voted #1 burger in St. Louis). Try not to laugh at St. Louis Walk of Fame featuring greats such as Ike Turner, Kevin Kline, Maya Angelou, and Nelly. Lastly, complete your St. Louis tour by get a tattoo to commemorate St. Louis’s awesomeness at Iron Age Studios.

St. Louis looks like a great place to take a vacation to, and soak up some culture. I think a road trip is in order!

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