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Googlefasting: Day 1

I’m frustrated. Utterly frustrated. I don’t think I’ll be able to make the seven days, seriously. I thought that Yahoo! would be a great substitute, but that’s turning out not being the case. Googlefasting is painful.

I had to catch myself a few times – but rewriting a few of my default utilities has pretty much stopped me from inadvertently launching into a Google search. Here’s the problem: I know where I sit for certain terms in Google, and I know how well Google works with headlines – so I know what I’m looking for, and what I can always count on finding within Google… but the other search engines I try are not even in the same ballpark – let alone, the same league.

On a positive note, I’m discovering features I like in other search engines. Like, Yahoo! will show you a preview of a map (static image) when you search for an address. That’s nice. I like that. I’m also getting recommendations for other engines I’ve forgotten about or had never heard of before – including from people who think I’m insane (for other reasons).

Avoiding Google’s software is easy enough – but avoiding its search is like research suicide. For all the services that Google enables, 99% of what “we” use is its search engine. You don’t realize how often you use Google until you stop yourself from using it. Some might say I’m slapping Google in the face for doing this – but I’d argue the opposite.

I need Google – and I’m proving it to myself in the most maddening way.

Hard Disk in the Freezer

“A few months ago, I think you featured an item about putting your HD in the freezer if there were problems with it. Yesterday, I received a ‘Write Error’ on C – the HD LED was constantly lit. I could not control the PC, Ctrl+ALT+Del did not work, so I had to turn the power off. Lo and behold, when I switched it back on, the system could not find the HD. I was dreading the thought of having to buy a new HD.”

“I remembered the article, so I popped the HD in a sealed plastic bag and put
it in the freezer for one hour. When I took the HD out, it was ice cold, I
removed it from the bag and had to keep wiping the condensation away. I put
it back in the computer and the system found it! Thank you so very much for
featuring this article. Many thanks and please keep the Lockergnome Windows Daily e-mails coming.” [Nick Urch]