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The Web address for this online tool will be astoundingly impossible to remember, but its functionality really whips the llama’s ass. It’ll create a PDF from any Web-based HTML document (read: Web page). Why wouldn’t you print to a PDF locally? (1) This HTML 2 PDF service is infinitely faster; (2) No clunky software to install; (3) It automatically strips any kind of print headers and footers; (4) It works better than the Firefox or Internet Explorer print feature! If you need to carry a document with you offline, forget about printing it locally – print it to PDF. Assuming, of course, this service lasts for free forever. If only I could convince the guy (or girl) to get and use a much better domain name. html2pdf is pretty darn nifty.

Square on NetSquared

News of the upcoming NetSquared conference:

Hey Chris and Ponzi, I’m emailing the folks I’ve interviewed for Net Squared who aren’t coming to the Net Squared conference next week with some info about the online component in case you are interested in joining us there and/or helping spread the word about this part of things. On May 30 and 31st, we’re fitting 350 people into one of Cisco’s conference centers and hunkering down for a series of discussions that get straight to the point. The agenda’s here and here are the folks who will be there. We can’t fit more people into the conference — but we can fit them into an online version. We’ve scheduled speakers to appear in online chat session to answer questions on the topics about which they are passionate. You can see the lineup here: MeetUp, Bloglines, CreativeCommons, Libraries, health care. Those are some of the many topics to be covered in the live online part of the conference. I’m writing today to ask you to share the word about this remote conference. People can chime in, from their desktops and w/o having spend any $$$ on a plane ticket or a hotel.

Which reminds me: I’ve gotta start putting the agenda for Gnomedex together. We have most of the players in line… it’s figuring out who’s on stage before the other. I hate scheduling (coordinating it, that is).

Warning to All BlogWare Users

I’ve been waiting over a week to hear back from BlogWare support on a request to retrieve my files from their system. They do provide FTP access for a small set of files, but not all of them. You see, when you upload an image, it gets stored in the _photos directory. When you upload any other file through an entry form, it gets placed in the _attachments directory. Both of these directories are virtual. I was able to get all the images out of the _photos “directory” through spidering the site, but I still can’t get the files in the _attachements “directory.” Asking TuCows to do this for me is tantamount to asking Steve Jobs for the source code to OS X. If BlogWare isn’t going to give me access to my files, I’m going to have to find some other way to get ’em. If any of you care to spider and grab all the files in the _attachments “directory, be my guest – and let me know where you put ’em so that I can get ’em from you (as my spidering efforts don’t seem to be effective for that virtual location). If you’re going to become a BlogWare user, understand that you may face the same problem at some point, too (or already have).

Windows Vista Feedback

I spent a few hours with Windows Vista last night, per Jim Allchin’s request to send him feedback about what I discovered in terms of discrepancies and oversights. I took that task seriously, and stayed up late to compile this far-from-comprehensive list. I sent it to him at 1am, and I hope he doesn’t have a filter that keeps him from seeing it. I realize this list is lengthy, but… these reasons are exactly why I’m afraid Vista won’t be as polished as originally anticipated. I warn you, this list is long – and it’s only going to get longer, the deeper I dive into Vista Beta 2. This list is longer than the interview! If you think this list is long, check out my follow-up list of 65 More Windows Vista Mistakes.
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Huge Creative X-Fi Problems

Seems as though a few of Creative’s customers are none too happy. With their petition, they demand:

Immediate fix for crackling and popping on X-Fi sound cards. It have been ten months and still, there is no fix or any statement about work progress from Your company.

Immediate fix for Creative Entertainment Center. We demand more than just one, outdated 800×600 resolution which makes everything look unacceptable, mainly on every modern LCD monitor.

Immediate cleanup in X-Fi software. We demand Creative to make it’s software less bloated, Mode Console themes to be built on anything else than uncompressed BMP files, Mode Console Audio test files to be compressed (not bloated WAV files), unnecesary processes to be gone, all consoles to be more responsive (especially Entertainment and Audio Creation Consoles).

Immediate release of a new version of Entertainment Console with access to all the tabs from all of them, not just from main Menu-Tab. Actual Entertainment Mode Console design is not ergonomic and we simply don’t like it this way.

Immediate release of any Creative supported tool for fast and unlagged autoswitching X-Fi Modes or:

TOTAL ABANDONMENT of Three Mode Setup idea and taking us back to the XXI century where all other sound cards and even onboard audio doesn’t force users to loose some features to get other features work. We ask Creative: Why “The most powerful Audio processor in the world” can’t offer us all of it’s features simultaneously like all it’s predecessors did and like all other sound cards do? The X-Fi processor is supposed to be “The most powerful audio processor in the world” (as advertised on the X-Fi boxes!) doesn’t even offer a hardware Dolby Digital 5.1 Encoder while a lot of competition sound cards, even the cheaper ones do and even though none of them doesn’t have feature sets to switch.

Immediate fix for all known driver bugs. We do understand that are a lot of bugs to be fixed, but we also do know that it have been seven months since the last driver release and a lot of those bugs should be fixed by now.

And I was actually considering buying an X-Fi with my next computer. Guess I might have to skip it until I hear these headaches have been resolved. Your customers have spoken, Creative – are you listening? Nobody on the planet has ever liked your software.

The Podcast Network Loses Founding Member

Mick’s going walkabout:

I felt that I was really just doing the same things that I was doing 10 years ago but putting in twice as much time and effort, and in the end…well…I just wasn’t enjoying it. Finally I am also a strong believer that if you are going to be involved in something, and you can call me old fashioned here; you need to believe in that what you are doing is heading down a path that you believe in 100%. So the decision I came to in the end was that by retaining my role within TPN I was not only holding back TPN but more importantly I was holding back myself from moving forward and growing.

Wow, that’s a shocker. I figured they were doing pretty well down under? It makes sense that you’d want to do something different every once in a while, but I can’t help but feel that there’s something that Mick’s not telling us here.

24-Hour Computer Supply Store

24 hours a day. I’ve always wanted one of these – in the PC space. This doesn’t do me any good, as I only own one Apple computer (though we have three iPods in this house). Plus, I don’t live anywhere near New York. If I knew anything about retail, and I weren’t that busy making a business out of the Internets, I would get a loan to open a 24-hour computer supply store. How many times have you needed a new hard drive at three in the morning and you just could NOT wait until 10am when the store opened? How many times has your video card blown right in the middle of looking at pictures of… well, how many times have you needed a piece of hardware and (a) nobody had it or (b) nobody was open when you needed it. The 24/7 technology store is coming – and I applaud Apple for being the first (at least, that I know of). I’d even pay a premium for products at a computer store that was open all the time. Like, at 10pm, the prices are marked up by 10% or something. I’d pay that when I needed something, easily.

World's Best WordPress Plugin

I’ve been pimping my WordPress – hardcore. From spilling a little SpotMilk over my admin interface, to getting an admin toolbar for when I’m looking at my own blog. I’ve been looking high and low for fun and functional extensions for WP, but I think I’ve found the mother of all plugins tonight. It’s called Edit N Place – and if you have WordPress installed, you must install this plugin immediately. Its name is exactly what it does – enables you to edit your post’s title, categories, and/or body inline! No need to load up the admin page to tweak a word or two anymore! Yes, it’s accessible with a little sprinkle of AJAXy goodness. I sent Matt an instant message the moment I had it running. He didn’t even know about it, so it’s a fair bet most of you WordPressers don’t, either. It’s so simple to configure to your liking, even a caveman could do it.

Akismet Accidents?

I turned on the WordPress Akisment service that everybody’s been raving about. Didn’t think much of it until this morning, when I realized that I had not recieved one single comment for the past couple of days (which is very odd, even with the recent platform transition). I looked at my Akismet settings and it had trapped 21 very legit comments – without notifying me one way or another. Is something wrong here? Isn’t there a setting that’ll have Akismet email me when there’s a comment to moderate? Are you not seeing your comments show up when you know you posted them? I’m going to turn off Akismet until I figure out what’s wrong – because none of the comments it trapped were bad.