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How Do You Search for Information?

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When you search the Internet for information, would you rather whip out your wallet and get your hands on what you’re looking for quickly, or spend time searching around for a ‘free’ answer? After all Time = Money.

If I want it, need it, and know it fits the bill… I’ll pay the bill.

I think it’s asinine to hear people whine about how they got their computer infected with malware because they downloaded a movie through less-than-proper channels.

That’s hilarious, really. People spend more by trying to avoid spending money.

Free doesn’t always mean totally free.

An hour of my time is worth more than minimum wage.

How Do You Search for Information?

What Do You Use the Internet For?

GadgetSuperHero asked:

What do you use the Internet for?

At first, I wasn’t going to answer this one. My initial reaction was that the answer should be obvious. However, I realize that there’s far more I do online than what all of you see. I’m sure that’s how you are, as well.

Obviously, I use the Internet to work. I stream live to video twice per day on weekdays, write blog posts, post to social media, answer emails and upload the vlogs. That’s definitely far from the sum total of what I “do” when online.

I listen to music through streaming services. I catch up on television shows the same way. I handle many of our household bills and finances online. I do research for shows and posts online. I shop. I read. I learn.

When you stop to think about it, we do so many different things online every single day that it would be hard – if not impossible – to go without it. Yes, impossible… because we rely so heavily on the Internet to get things done, we’d be at a complete loss/standstill if that connection were suddenly taken away.

What about you? What do YOU do online?

Image credit to Rodney Pike!

What Do You Use the Internet For?

Are You Getting the Internet Speeds You Pay For?

Patron Louise Izzabelle recognizes that we don’t always get what we pay for. You, too, can become a Patron and receive priority answers to your questions!

What is your thoughts on Broadband and Fibre Optics & the way that people still do not get good speeds, the cost for what you get & the infrastructure systems serving a country, city, or area?

I wish fiber optics were a reality for more people rather than a pipe dream.

Unfortunately, the cost of laying anything in the ground is outrageous – and I do believe that wireless technologies (and speeds, of course) will quickly improve to the point where the need for wired connectivity won’t be as crucial as it is for us today.

So, even if wired speeds continue to rival wireless speeds, there may be a law of diminishing returns for most use cases – and wireless will kill any kind of need for costly infrastructure.

Are You Getting the Internet Speeds you Pay For?

What Should You Look for in a Web Host?

Matthew asked:

What are some good features to look for when selecting a new web hosting service?

There are a lot of different things that people find important. Some only care about cost. Others feel that uptime is crucial. There are a few things that you should look at, though:

  • Uptime – Does the company have sites that crash often? Also, how quickly do they resolve issues?
  • Addons – Many companies offer freebies when you “subscribe” to a hosting plan. What are these addons? Are they even useful to you?
  • Customer Service – Do your questions regarding pricing get answered quickly? How good are the reps at finding the answers you need – no matter the question? Do they answer professionally, or do they treat people rudely?
  • Technical Service – Even more importantly, do issues get fixed quickly and properly – even little things? Are issues explained to you? Are glitches brought to your attention?

I’m sure I’m missing several points to consider. This is where all of you come in: what do you look for when choosing a web host?

Photo credit to Funny Pics

What Do You Look for in a Web Host?

Image Filters Didn’t Make Instagram Successful

Yeah, I know. Adding image filters to your Internet service is all the rage these days. Twitter’s doing it. Google’s done it. Flickr did it today.


Yeah, I know. They’re fun to fiddle with, but I honestly don’t believe that Instagram became successful because of image filters. When I first hopped onto Instagram, I honestly didn’t get it. I eschewed it for months. Why would I care to destroy the image quality (and resolution) of the photos I painstakingly snapped?

It’s just another image service, right?

Turns out, no.

Despite having every social account known to humanity (and then some), now, my favorite app to open up at any given point in the day is Instagram. Why?

Because I don’t have to think about it; I just have to look.

I don’t catch up with friends through their Twitter or Facebook feeds (and, please, don’t get on my case about Google+ again). Instead, I look to Instagram — usually. And here’s the thing: I’ve started to break my “rule” about social photo friending.

When I set up my Flickr account, I made the decision to only friend people I knew in real life. But on Instagram, it turns out that many of the people I know love to take unintentionally blurry photos of people I don’t know who are speaking at a conference I honestly don’t care about.

So, I’ve turned to friending people who are doing genuinely interesting things on Instagram — like Bobby Sussman (who has been posting a scene from The Empire Strikes Back in consecutive order with Star Wars toys since the beginning of the year) and Chris McVeigh (who is one of the most talented LEGO brick artists around).

It isn’t because of filters that I’m drawn to Bobby and Chris; it’s because they’re being creative, and it’s easy to scroll through their creativity at any given moment.

Twitter? Words, words, words. Facebook? Words, words, words. Links, links, links.

I don’t read anything on Instagram (and don’t want to). I don’t click anything on Instagram (because you can’t). I just turn off the thinking side of my brain for a moment and enjoy what my eyes take in.

So, when a service makes an announcement that it’s adding x amount of image filters to its product, I furrow my brow and wonder if it really understands that… image filters didn’t make Instagram amazing.

Its simplicity, stage for creativity, and no-thinking-required did.

Can Instagram be replaced? Sure, but image filters are merely icing on the cake — a gimmick, at best. The ability to share the photo’s permalink? Well, Instagram should only care about getting more users to Instagram.

Did you even read this article? Here, let me sum it up for you with this photo:

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