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Is Google Plus Dying?

Matthew Rappaport seems to be concerned about what’s going on within Google’s social sphere:

Is Google+ still alive and what do you hope to see announced for it at Google I/O?

It’s not dead – yet.

I have little patience for the typical jingoistic navelgazing that often seems to come with some of Google+’s most vocal supporters, though.

I don’t eat, sleep, or breathe any single social platform, though – nor does my life revolve around any single company apart from my own.

For Google I/O, I’d hope to hear more about how they’re going to continue to improve the Android experience – and, with just about every change they make, Google only reinforces my positions early on regarding their platform (despite me being perceived as persona non grata by many whose personal identity is tied into a piece of fucking software).

Is Google Plus Dying?

Does Google Glass Invade Your Privacy?

Urgebot asked:

Lately some people have been signing the petition for Google Glass to be banned in the US because you can’t tell specifically when someone is taking a video or picture of you. Is this different from vlogging with a GoPro or any other modern camera? And do you think it’s bad enough to be banned?

A lot of people feel that Google Glass invades their privacy. Many feel, though, that there is no real expectation of privacy in public or online these days. Social media has invaded our lives so much – along with mobile devices equipped with cameras – that we simply can’t sit here and believe that once we’re outside of our home (or even still INside, at times) we will never be captured in photos or videos.

It happens every day. Even without Google Glass, there are likely photos and/or videos of you on Facebook or Twitter that you really wish were not there. Did your friend think it was hilarious that you overslept and wore pajamas to class? Did she throw that photo on Facebook for everyone to see? What about the time you tripped on something and landed in a compromising-looking position? I bet people laughed over that photo, as well.

There are thousands of videos out there of what should have been very private moments, captured and uploaded via cellphone. How is Google Glass any different?

I may not be a GlassHole myself, but that doesn’t mean I support banning the technology. Heck, if we do that for the reasons you outline, we’d have to ban cameras in phone and tablets, as well.

What do all of YOU think?

Does Google Glass Invade Your Privacy?

Will Fragmentation Destroy Android?

Ricky Antonio Marin asks:

Will the thing that destroys Android be fragmentation?

I think the thing that destroys Android is ultimately what destroys any powerful ecosystem: outside forces, potentially ones that don’t even exist yet.

Yes, there’s a fair amount of fragmented experiences that Android users suffer… but Google has been working diligently on minimizing the impact of this reality.

When something “better” comes along, all but the faithful (and those whose income is centered on Android experiences) will move on to something else.

Honestly, I don’t know if a mass exodus would “destroy” Android – but it would severely cripple its ability to flourish, much like external forces “destroyed” Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform and/or BlackBerry’s entire endeavor.

How Would You Change Microsoft or Google?

Interesting question from Emmanuel Acosta:

If you had the chance to work for Microsoft, Google and android, name 2 things you would change and why?

This question definitely gives the community something to think about and discuss! For me, I’d double down on SaaS if I was at Microsoft, and I’d also expand creator monetization on social if I were at Google.

What would YOU do?

My First Hour with Google’s Nexus 4

I’m very grateful that T-Mobile stepped up and helped me unbox the Nexus 4 live on YouTube today! Without the fine folks there, viewers would have been forced to watch me drool over the hardware in silence.

Nexus 4

  • Android 4.2: Snappiest / most buttery Android device I’ve used. I’m not just saying that either. You won’t believe this is an Android phone with the visible perf it’s pushing down the pike.
  • Screen Feel: My fingers glide across the glass (I LOVE it); slightly less friction than iPhone 5.
  • Screen Text: Clear — it’s very close to a Retina display, but not quite there in every instance (white text over a colored background shows a bit of fuzziness on the text edges). Still very nice.
  • Screen Images: Vibrant, good representation of color. This is a great screen for media consumption.
  • Chrome: Very smooth scroll, pinch-to-zoom drops frames. Enjoyable browsing. It still hates The Verge’s desktop site, though.
  • Still Camera: Fine (undersaturated, noisy in low light), worse than iPhone 5. Moreover, I’ve seen plenty of purple flare with the lens — so all of those non-iPhone 5 owners people who whined about the flare on newer Apple hardware should be eating crow right now.
  • HDR: Slow, imbalanced color output (currently very unoptimized). I wound up producing a few very blurry photos (which turned out to be inadvertently artsy) because I thought it was finished and it wasn’t.
  • Maps: Extremely responsive, smooth zooms. Plus, it’s great data underneath.
  • Google+ App: Scrolls more smoothly than the iOS version (?!). Yes, I use Google+ every day.
  • Fingerprints: Hello? It’s a smartphone. :)
  • Feel in hand: Incredibly light. That was my first reaction. Nice.
  • Single-hand operation: A bit of a stretch, but certainly workable.
  • Default Messages: Messaging, Messenger, Talk (quite a mess, confusing). Google needs to clean up the various default options ASAP.
  • Gmail: Fluid (“Hide pictures in messages” only has a “Yes” option). I can’t stand Google+ email notifications on Android.
  • Rear Speaker: Tinny (voice-optimized?), muted (tolerable) while on a surface. Seriously, I wouldn’t use this for anything other than voice.
  • Photosphere: Meh. Far from seamless; color-imbalanced between frames. Very user-friendly software, though!

My gut tells me: This is a fantastic smartphone for the price and plan(s). Great Android phone, folks.