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Why Does it Take Apple so Long to Approve an App?

Marc asked:

Why does it take so long for an app to be approved for the App Store?

The company takes its sweet time to approve apps, yes. However, there’s a reason for that. The employees must be sure that the apps don’t contain spyware or malware. They need to be sure there are no significant bugs and doesn’t have a poor UI.

They verify that the apps do what you say they’re going to do and that there are no private APIs being used. They are careful to check that the apps don’t crash all of the time. And, of course, they have to be sure that there’s nothing embedded that is disallowed by Apple.

It’s all about user experience. This is the reason so many people prefer to have an iPhone or iPad over an Android device… the quality of the apps. Before anyone screams at me – I know there are great apps available for Android devices, as well. However, overall… the App Store is simply superior when it comes to making sure that you’re getting exactly what you’re promised.

Why Does it Take Apple so Long to Approve an App?

Is Apple Still Innovating?

Patron Joey Bianco is curious about my thoughts on Apple. You, too, can become a Patron and receive priority answers to your questions!

What is your opinion on the idea that apple has been slipping in their ingenuity of products since the loss of Steve Jobs? Do you think they have what it takes to create more groundbreaking cohesive hardware/software as they once did?

I think they’ve done their best, but that their best is also yet to come.

They have what it takes: a good brand with a loyal following and tons of cash + cash cows.

I hated all of the “Can Tim Cook Replace Steve Jobs?” posts that went out at the beginning. No… he can’t. No one can replace anyone, in my opinion. Tim isn’t a carbon-copy of Steve, and definitely never wanted to be. Tim brings his own style and ideas to the table. Will those things pan out as well as Steve’s did back in the day? That’s the question that remains to be answered. I don’t think it’s fair to judge him just yet. After all, it took Steve just a *couple* of years to get to a place where he was hugely successful and hailed as a groundbreaker.

Cut Apple – and Tim – a little slack for now. Let’s see what happens over the next few years before we condemn the entire company.

Is Apple Still Innovating?

Which Mobile Battery Booster Are You Using?

Just after I recorded TLDR last night, Patron Jenny Propis sent this to me in an email. Don’t forget: you can become a Patron and get priority answers to your questions either here in my blog or in a video!

I just wanted to tell you that today’s TDLR was great! I especially like when you unbox new items, even though you said you don’t like to. I was wondering if you could put links to those items in your description box of your vlogs? Reason being, is my brother always seems to call me when his cell phone battery is low, and then has to hang up before I’m finished talking with him. So I wanted to send him a link to that small battery booster you had on your phone. Honestly, I think its just an excuse to get off the phone with me! :(

Thanks for asking, Jenny! The “battery booster” that I featured yesterday is the Phonesuit Battery Case for iPhone 5. This was recently sent to me by the company to try out — and try it out I am! I’m on the go a lot and I need extra go-go juice! (NOTE: this is totally not the same thing as unboxing juice!) You’ll find this little baby packs a 2100 mAh battery inside to charge your iPhone, which has given some users an additional 120% on their battery life. That’s a huge increase!

In reading reviews for this case on Amazon, many people are claiming that the “marketing hype” on Phonesuit’s website for this product is absolutely accurate. How often do we see that these days?

I’m sorry I can’t put the link to the product in the video description anymore, so I hope this will suffice! (Yes, I will put this link in the description!) YouTube no longer allows us to do that with Amazon affiliate links, so boooo!

Do You Use Siri?

Darren Doolan asked:

I just got an iPhone 5S and never use Siri, do you ever actually USE Siri? And if so, what for?

As I’ve mentioned countless times in TLDR episodes over the years, the only thing I really use Siri for is on-device assistance – as in, creating a calendar appointment or setting an alarm.

Siri remains unreliable for me, either because the network connection consistently fails or I don’t give my command in such a way that Siri can translate with success.

Siri is not a value-add for me, nor would Google’s Siri or Microsoft’s Siri. Yeah, they’re not Siri – but, c’mon… for the most part, they’re Siri.

I gotta admit, though: she’s fun to play with at times!

Do You Use Siri?

How Could iOS 8 Blow Us Away?

Darren Doolan asked:

What can Apple do in iOS 8 that would blow everyone away?

Include a feature that we didn’t realize we couldn’t live without.

Seriously. Nobody knows what that’s going to be or an entity would have created it by now (in the right way, mind you). It’s not the idea, it’s the implementation. If Apple – or ANY company – plans to blow us away in their next mobile iteration, it has to be by including something we had no idea we desperately needed!

And, let me assure you… there’s a lot of “proper” implementation needing to be done in respect to operating systems that we all rely on (iOS or otherwise).

What do all of YOU think? What would blow you away in iOS 8?

Which Mobile Device is Best for Blogging?

I’m really glad that Matt Bodell emailed this question to me earlier:

Hi Chris,

Just a quick question; of all the mobile devices you have used, which provides the best blogging experience for blogging on the go?

I’m stuck between buying a Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad or grabbing myself a Surface Pro or Pro 2.

Your advise would be gratefully received!

I think both platforms are equal in terms of “blogging” value. To me, however, Apple’s wireless/Bluetooth keyboard is one of the best keyboards I’ve ever used. you could save a massive amount of money by sticking with your current iPad instead of forking over money to buy something that would — in this case — be overkill.

Which Apple AirPort Extreme Do You Use?

rkoolkid287 writes:

Dear Chris,

Are you using the current generation Apple AirPort Extreme, or are you still using the previous generation? I heard some problems happened with the latest one after a firmware update. Thank you for your time!

I’ve been using AirPort Extremes for years now. Before I made the switch a few years back, I was using one Linksys product or another (going back to the very beginnings of Wi-Fi).

When Apple releases a new AirPort Extreme, I usually get it — if only because each generation has steadily improved throughput, signal, and compatibility for me (demonstrably).

If there were any problems with the latest firmware, I’m not sure I’ve run into them (or haven’t experienced anything out of the ordinary enough to research an issue on my end). Did you find something wrong?

Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

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Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Why iOS 7 Has Been a Disappointment to Me

Why iOS 7 Has Been a Disappointment to MeAs the headline indicates, this isn’t about you — and it’s definitely not about another OS or company.

When I see a problem, my first instinct is to try to address it (whether that’s a guy thing or a geek proclivity, I’m not sure). Unfortunately, however, I can’t fix what I perceive to be a landslide of sloppiness abound in iOS 7. Issues were bound to crop up with such a massive revision in UI ethos (and some UX) — this isn’t about any particular iOS 7 hiccup but the sum of its parts.

Mind you, I was not one who claimed that Apple needed to change anything with iOS — and, certainly, not change it for the sake of change. Seems that while Apple’s intentions were good, its execution was haphazard in too many spots for me to feel comfortable claiming that this was a step in a better direction. I’m not going to detail everything for you in this post — if only because they’ve been documented well enough elsewhere [again, SloppyUI].

I’ve learned that being critical (where it counts) has kept it “real” for me, and also allowed me the greater flexibility to try new things — especially when I’m feeling too comfortable. People are always welcome to draw their own conclusions after using something — nobody is denying them a perspective. So, for those who say I need to ease up on Apple, I say you need to lean into ’em more to fulfill their promise of excellence.

Or, think about it this way: if I didn’t bother to point out these problems, what does that say about my integrity if *I* see them and try to sweep them under the rug? Or, worse yet, what does that say about other “tech pundits” who have not bothered to surface their own issues (if they see fault)? I’d just as soon put something out there than keep it to myself and run the risk of being labeled the very thing I’ve been labeled for years (but never have been).

The problem with filing a bug report based on an emotional, visceral reaction is that… you can’t.

I, along with others, have empirical evidence to illustrate that Apple — known for its design prowess — didn’t let iOS 7 fully bake before releasing it into the wild. Whether or not others perceive these visual shortcomings and hiccups is irrelevant; they exist, and several hundred oddball screen captures have been floating about the web since the OS hit the world’s mobile Apple devices a few weeks ago.

Inconsistencies should not exist in Apple’s products — certainly, not within a bold OS UI/UX refresh. Margins and padding and spacing and sizing are all over the map (even with parallax features toggled off). It’s an insult to to the “perfection” of Apple’s hardware.

I see it myself — and it’s been disconcerting. One or two oversights in any new OS revision is expected — but I still remain on record that Apple rushed iOS 7 to market to get something new out and move units.

Will bugs be squished? Of course they will! But when? How many? Does Apple see what we see? Will the bug reports fall into a virtual wastebasket? You don’t know the company is going to fix these oversights — unless you work for Apple and are directly responsible for them. Even then, the world won’t know until those changes are upon us. But what about the inconsistencies?

From any other company, I might accept this kind of execution. But from Apple? There’s a reason I turned to it several years back, and it wasn’t because it would have pumped out something like iOS 7.

I believe Apple sacrificed the one thing that held it above others — and (I’m telling you) others are gaining ground on the design and experience front by leaps and bounds. The one last thing that made Apple Apple… is showing cracks that may not be patched soon enough.

I’m sad, disappointed, and concerned.