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Home Automation

Conexis/Castle Tek Systems provides Complete Computer and Home Theater Automation Solutions. Car Entertainment/Computer solutions, (using VIA motherboard technology), with high (DSL) speed internet, FAX, Printer, email, GPS navigation, DVD movies, MP3, Rear camera, integrated LCD touch screens, and interfaces to control all In Home automation devices. Custom Home Theater Solutions include Plasmas, Receivers, Media Players, Custom light controls, Thermostat controls, Security cameras, and Full Custom Automation Capabilities to allow you to Control all the devices with one Control System so that you can truly be the King of your Castle.

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Driving the Internet Archive

Capricorn Technologies’ mission is to provide reliable petabyte-scale storage systems at the lowest possible cost. Capricorn was spun off of the Internet Archive in 2004, and thus benefits from the Archive’s 8 years of experience in large-scale storage systems. Capricorn’s initial product offering is the Petabox. The modular design of the Petabox allows it to scale up to one petabyte of storage while keeping the cost per gigabyte down to unprecedented levels. In addition to low cost, critical parameters of the Petabox include high storage density and low power. A standard 19” rack will house up to 64TB of raw storage at approximately 50W per terabyte. Such low power consumption boosts reliability and keeps total cost of ownership low. Capricorn Technologies is headquartered in San Francisco.

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Microsoft's Official Position on DRM

We speak with Mike Coleman, who gives us Microsoft’s official position on DRM (digital rights management) in Windows Media files. From the official DRM FAQ:

Windows Media digital rights management (DRM) is a flexible platform that makes it possible to protect and securely deliver a la carte and subscription content for playback on a computer, portable device, or network device.

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Weekly Show 20 January 2005

Leo Notenboom answers some of the questions that make his free tech resource the ideal destination for those seeking advice. Microsoft answers publicly over concerns relating to their DRM for movies and music. We play two songs from the talented Lisa Rein. Chris reveals his rubber room. And more.

The following are the show notes for the January 19th, 2006 edition of the Chris Pirillo Show.

Anyone that listens to the show may edit the show notes within 24 hours of the live show. No password is required. To prevent vandalism the show notes cannot be edited after the Friday evening following the live show.


Win a Xbox 360, PSP, or other great prizes!

Chris is giving away one substantial gift on every live show. By substantial we’re talking at the level of a PSP or Xbox 360! We’ll likely rotate the “big gift” every week, but it’ll always be worth a few hundred dollars!

For your chance to win tune in, join us in the chat, and call in! How difficult is that? No joke!

George Lambert

George Lambert joined Chris to talk about PodKeyword and the topic of RSS Hijacking. George’s service was accused of hijacking feeds and it became a mini-controversy in the blogosphere. You can read George’s response on the PodKeyword Blog

Jeff Sandquist

Joined Chris to talk about evangelizing Windows Vista.

Brady Forrest

Chris is going to try to pry some MSN Search secrets from Brady Forrest.

Jed Rose

Chris talked with Jed Rose about the Windows community programs.

Buzz Bruggeman

Buzz Bruggeman, ActiveWords evangelist will be talking about how to take back control of your computer by automating repetitive tasks and we’ll try to convince him to give away a few copies of ActiveWords.

Got Voice, Voice Mail Service

Chris spoke with ___ and ___ about their service, Got Voice, which allows you to get your home and cellular phone voicemail on the web or in your email inbox. (My stream was cutting in and out, if you heard this entire segment could you please fill in the blanks and summarize it.)

Tonight’s Calls

  • 8BitJake called to asked which video format he should use for his new video podcast. Our Jake suggested he use Apple’s H263 format. 8BitJake also wanted to know how to create an RSS feed for the Video Podcasts. Chris suggested he use the MTEnclosures Plugin for MovableType by Brandon Fuller. 8BitJake also asked if it was legal for him to include video footage of games hes reviewing. Chris suggested that since he is providing a review it should be fair use but he might want to contact the video game company’s press department to actually get permission and review copies. You can read 8BitJake’s articles in O’Rielly’s PSP Hacks.
  • HaroldJohnson called into suggest the 3Ivx Codec and to take a look at FreeVlog. 8BitJake and Harold also started talking about recording video from the PSP and how that could be done. No real solution was reached so if you have an idea you can post it here.
  • Jason has a two hour commute into New York City and wanted a recommendation for a Tablet PC to use on the train. Chris really only suggests IBM (Lenovo) Tablets said that IBM is going to be releasing a new higher resolution tablet within a few months and it will probably be worth waiting for. Jason asked IBM’s service and Chris has gone through it twice and hasn’t had any problems obtaining service at all with them.
  • usrbingeek asked if there is anything better to run in place of Chitika Ads as an alternative to Google’s Adsense Ads. Chris is using a custom script on his sites that is parsing some of his own RSS feeds and displaying them formatted exactly like Google Ad Sense ads. This way he is at least keeping the users on his site when Google Adsense ads are unable to be displayed.

Ask Leo

Hamachi – Connecting machine-to-machine simply and securely, across the ‘net. Links and other resources at

Sites Mentioned Tonight

usrbingeek 21:00, 19 Jan 2006 (PST)

Retrieved from “Lockergnome Wiki


Tomorrow’s live broadcast, starting at 7PM PST (-08:00 GMT), will feature an interview with Mike Coleman – official spokesperson for Microsoft’s Windows Media Digital Rights Management. We went straight to the pachinko-addict for the answers, some of which will surprise you. What does DRM have to do with pachinko? Absolutely nothing, but we sure do loves us them bells ‘n’ whistles.


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Podcasting Dinner

Podcasting is all the rage, with our without an iPod. It’s been said that we’re podcasting, but… I still hate that label. Since we do both live and pre-recorded shows, it’s difficult to say that we’re doing one thing (podcasting) over another (broadcasting). I don’t own an iPod. I’m just a gnome – so does that make me a gnomecaster? Well, here’s another gnomecast for you – quick, easy, and fun.

A Podcast on Podcasting Podcasters

Look at how many podcasting geeks we had last night! It’s a veritable podcast cast.

Eric Rice, Jake Ludington, Emile Bourquin, Tim Bourquin, Alex Williams, Michael Geoghegan, Doug Kaye, Phillip Torrone, Rob Greenlee, and Peter Yorke. I suppose it could be said that these are podcasters, one and all.
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Full Speed Ahead!

Some of you had a chance to catch the first two Chris Pirillo Show broadcasts live at CES. Our producer, Jake Ludington, just returned home to Seattle last night (as he opted to drive instead of fly). It was great to have a small audience and to interview so many people within a two and a half-hour time span! Once Jake decompresses, he’ll be taking the recorded audio and posting it here for your enjoyment. We also had the opportunity to do some on-the-scene reporting with other geeks in Las Vegas, and will likely place those quick interviews here within the coming week as well.
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The First Live Show

The Chris Pirillo Show will begin streaming live in approximately 15 minutes. Use this link to tune in, coming to you courtesy of Limelight Networks. I’ve tested it with Windows Media Player 10 and it works just fine. If you’d like, go ahead and start submitting any tech questions that you’d like to have answered while we’re on air. No live calls this time around, but they’re coming soon.

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world’s largest annual tradeshow for consumer technology and America’s largest annual tradeshow of any kind. Tune in as we take you behind the scenes, interview key players in the consumer electronics industry, and unveil some of the hottest gadgets nobody knows exist. We’ll be live one-on-one with representatives from some of our favorite companies and we want you to join us.

The following are the show notes for the January 5th, 2006 edition of the Chris Pirillo Show.

Anyone that listens to the show may edit the show notes within 24 hours of the live show. No password is required.


Win an Xbox 360, PSP, or other great prizes!

Chris is giving away one substantial gift on every live show. By substantial we’re talking at the level of a PSP or Xbox 360! We’ll likely rotate the “big gift” every week, but it’ll always be worth a few hundred dollars!

For your chance to win tune in, join us in the chat, and call in! How difficult is that? No joke!


On January 5 and January 6, The Chris Pirillo Show will be live from CES from 1:00-2:30 PM Pacific. If you’re at the tradeshow, you can see the live broadcast in the Featured Community section of the Microsoft booth. You can catch the live CES broadcast using the same URL we use to stream the weekly show. We’ll be interviewing people about the big CES announcements and giving away a few goodies.

_____ from MicrsoftX Team

___ from the Microsoft Experience Team spoke with Chris about the upcoming Windows Vista User Interface.

Eric ______

Eric from Microsoft Windows Media Platform Team spoke with Chris. Chris asked when cameras would have wmv right on cameras. Eric said, “We don’t have anything to announce right now.” They spoke at length about windows media and support for it.

Brad Wardell of StarDock

Chris spoke to Brad Wardell, the CEO of StarDock about the Window Vista’s iconsand GUI, and StarDock.

Brad and Chris also discussed Skype and Google Talk. Chris really likes that Skype because it uses your connection to route other’s Skype calls and finds Google Talk a far superior client.

Nat of Maxthon

Nat is with the Maxthon browser. Maxthon was invited to the Microsoft booth at CES and was showing off their browser overlay for Internet Explorer. A new version is on its way with lots of new features and improvments.

Nat mentioned that Maxthon even has a Firefox skin. If you love IE and are sick of taking heat from your friends you could use it to fool them.

Steve Bass

Steve Bass, a writer for PC World, sat down with Chris to kibitz about Maxthon and Microsoft’s inability to bring out a decent and innovative product.

Ask Leo

Outsourcing Tech Support – over here, or overseas, incompetance knows no boundaries. Links and other resources at

Sites Mentioned Today

usrbingeek 12:39, 6 Jan 2006 (PST)

Retrieved from “Lockergnome Wiki

Have Yourself a Merry Little Podcast

Have yourself a merry little podcast,
let the bitrate flow.
We’ll all tell the DMCA where to go.

Get yourself an iPod or a Nomad,
fill your heart with glee.
From now on, we’ll stomp upon the FCC.

Pretty soon, Chris Pirillo says
that he’s going to do one, too.
Like he did in the olden days…
‘Bout three years ago, or two?

So, please click through to,
Where he’s getting press.
Now you know He’s launching it at CES!

Now, get yourself a Chris Pirillo broadcast now.