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Broadband networking with ZyXEL

Gartner Dataquest ranks ZyXEL Communications as the world’s leading manufacturer of xDSL routers. ZyXEL is focused on developing secure and effective Internet solutions. During CES, ZyXEL will debut its P-334WT Wireless g+ Firewall Router with SuperSpeed technology. ZyXEL will give attendees a preview of upcoming products including a “pocket” VPN and firewall adapter and a cable router that integrates both an access point and gateway. Also at the event, ZyXEL will feature their HomeSafe parental control gateway, VoIP Wi-Fi phone and Wireless USB stick and access point.

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Notebook Multiple Display Card

You’ll never be able to go back to single-monitor computing again! VTBook, a Cardbus add-in devicefrom VillageTronic, gives you the ultimate in mobility, allowing you to use two to five displays with your laptop. You’ll always be in synch. VTBook gives you more than 100 resolutions including CRT, portrain, HD, LCD, Plasma, Widescreen LCD, even Apple ADC. Perfect for financial traders, desktop publishers, web designers and anyone who wants more display real estate for more applications. Marry the flexibility and portability of your notbook with the power of a multi-display workstation.

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Digital Lifestyle CPU Platforms

VIA Technologies, Inc. is the foremost fabless supplier of market-leading chipsets, power efficient microprocessors, advanced connectivity, multimedia, and networking silicon, and complete platform solutions driving gaming and entertainment on the PC and Personal Electronics platforms. VIA showcased some of its latest platform technologies including all-new chipsets such as the VIA K8T890 for the AMD platform, and the VIA PT894 chipset for the Intel® platform. VIA also displayed demos of some of its latest ultra high quality Audio innovations. Additionally, VIA will have the soon-to-be-released VIA EPIA SP Mini-ITX and EPIA N-Series Nano-ITX mainboards on hand, which feature the latest hardware-based security and digital media acceleration technologies.

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Audio ICs and Codecs

SigmaTel, Inc. (NASDAQ: SGTL), a fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Austin, Texas, has become the market leader in audio ICs for MP3 players. Our chips are used in more than 150 models of MP3 players. In addition, we have brought consumer audio quality to PC notebooks, and hold more than 35% of the market share. Our audio codecs are used by leading notebook makers such as Dell and Fujitsu. The Company’s focus is on providing system-level solutions that enable customers to rapidly introduce and offer electronic products that are small, light-weight, power-efficient, reliable, and cost-effective.

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On-screen Cable TV Guides

Pioneer Digital Technologies builds on-screen cable TV guides for people who love watching TV. Their software is in nearly 8 million homes across the country and throughout the Western Hemisphere. Known in the industry for its versatility and user friendliness, the guides work on just about every deployed set top box. Unlike other companies, Pioneer is committed to furthering the cable operator’s brand – so their guide isn’t called out to the customer – but the industry knows Passport™, Passport DCT™, and Passport Echo™ . Navigation on any cable service from analog to digital, from basic standard definition to advanced high-definition digital video recorder systems, Pioneer makes a guide that customers love.

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Portrait Displays

Portrait Displays, Inc., headquartered in Pleasanton, California USA creates software for Display Technologies. The company was founded in 2003 as a spin out from Radius. Portrait’s products include Pivot® rotational software, Liquid utility applications and now most significantly Display Tune®. Display Tune technology obsoletes the old archaic way a Monitor or Television is tuned, set up and includes significant new features. Portrait’s core business is providing feature rich applications to allow the world’s largest display manufacturers unique functionality.

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muvee Makes Movies Fun!

muvee Technologies is the pioneer and leader in automatic video production. Its award-winning muvee autoProducer software lets anyone instantly transform dull video and pictures into professional-looking multimedia productions. Simply give muvee your video/pictures, add music, and pick a production style. In minutes, muvee intelligently selects the best scenes and automatically cuts them to the music with effects and transitions synchronized to the beat.

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Linspire – Linux for Everybody Else

Linspire, Inc. is a consumer-driven company with the mission to bring choice to computer users through Linspire, a Linux-based operating system designed specifically for desktop and laptop computers. Linspire delivers the power, stability and cost savings of Linux with the ease and familiarity of widely used operating systems like Microsoft� Windows. Linspire is easy to experience because it supports popular Microsoft� Windows file types and because of its revolutionary CNR Technology, which allows the installation, updating and management of more than 1,900 software programs with just one click of the mouse. The Linspire operating system can be found pre-installed on the price-busting $498 Balance notebook – powered by the efficient VIA C3 1.0 GHz processor and now available at

Using VIA's Mini ITX

Known primarily for the Humidor PC series of computers, Jeffrey Stephenson has branched out recently with his 1930’s Art Deco/Machine Age series of computer case designs. Inspired by the artists of that era, Jeffrey has built computers that soften the blow of hard-edged technology. The radio industry in the thirties, faced with resistance to bringing their products into the parlor, met the same challenges as media center PCs do today by providing livingroom quality pieces. These classic radio designs are being given reconsideration as an alternative vessel for today’s latest computer technology. VIA has enabled these extraordinary designs by providing fully integrated mainboards and cool running CPUs. Jeffrey recently showed his latest cigar humidor-based design, the Humidor Cluster. This computer was unveiled at QuakeCon this year to a ‘very visibly awestruck crowd’ as one observer noted.

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