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Canter on Podcasting

Marc Canter is a Social Networking maniac. That, and he has a few unique thoughts on the whole podcasting thing. It’s name, rather. recently, Marc helped launch Ourmedia:

Video blogs, photo albums, original music, documentary journalism, music videos, children’s tales, Flash animations, student films — all kinds of digital works have begun to flourish as the Web matures into a rich multimedia network. The Ourmedia project was started by members of the creative and technology communities in the summer of 2004 as a way of advancing the spread of personal media. Our partners are the Internet Archive, Bryght, Creative Commons and Wikipedia. We’re a free, nonprofit, open-source effort. Ourmedia’s vision is to bring personal media to millions of users’ desktops through playlists, video jukeboxes, visual albums, and built-in media libraries. The repositories will contain thousands of media items that can be freely shared.

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Not Blogging the Blog Business Summit

Phil Wolff is telling people: Don’t Blog

What happens when blogging becomes mainstream? What bad things will we face? Other technologies experienced a public backlash after a hype cycle [a sequence of events experienced by an overly-hyped product or technology, including a peak of unrealistic expectations followed by a valley of disappointment when those expectations aren’t met.]. This blog attempts to chronicle that coming backlash.

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Blog Business Summit: Friendly Face at Microsoft

We all know and love Robert, but today he gave his first Keynote speech. Even if he was giving a “regular ol’ speech,” I’d still be very proud of him. Why? Because he’s himself, and not afraid to be himself. Speaking to people who typically have to hide behind the corporate veil, Robert did a fantastic job at getting people to understand that there’s something really happening here. He did it four years ago at the first Gnomedex when he told us about Radio Userland and something called a “news aggregator.” His relevancy is just as high as it was back then. His speech wasn’t so much of a speech as much as it was a call to corporate action.

Robert Scoble works at Microsoft as an evangelist on the Windows team. His Scoblizer blog covers and comments on tech news, Microsoft and whatever else comes to his mind. His is one of the most popular bloggers on the Web. A prolific reader and poster, Scoble now consumes more than 1200 RSS feeds daily.

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Blog Business Summit: Helping Businesses

The world of business is filled with many people, but how many people are really in the world of business? That is to say, how many people relish the opportunities that come from interpersonal relationships? Anil Dash is one of those people. One of the first employees of the now-seventy-strong Six Apart, he’s now guiding business to other businesses who are using MovableType as a CMS. This very site is running MovableType – which is the CMS I recommend for people who don’t think that a CMS could help streamline operations.

I strongly believe in the power of personal publishing and entrepreneurship as key elements of progressive social change, which explains why my work, writing, and career are all focused on these topics. My work in evangelizing things like weblog tools and technology is grounded in the belief that the best and most important use of computers is as communications tools.

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Blog Business Summit: Pitching the Executive

Mitch Ratcliffe is a name that’s known throughout the tech world – for good reason. He writes for Red Herring and has been fueling conversation since the dawn of time (or, at least, the early ’90s). During my energetic presentation this morning, which Marc Canter began with a bang, Mitch pitched a very important angle into the audience.

For more than 15 years I have chronicled and participated in the development of the Internet. I spent my early days on The W.E.L.L. In the 1990s, I was covering networking, privacy and cryptography for MacWEEK, and was the editor of Digital Media, the first publication to really explain how the Internet would really work (we were right, and the evidence is on this site). By 1996, I’d launched Internet/Media Strategiesand was starting and investing in companies for SoftBank, consultingto leaders like America Online, Audible, EarthWeb, Time Warner, Personify, and many others. ZD Net brought me on to lead their Year 2000 coverage for the two years leading up to Y2K, a time when I made many enemies, though my only fault seems to have been being virtually dead-on in predicting the actual scope of the computer problems that occurred.

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Blog Business Summit: Halley Suitt

The Blog Business Summit is in full swing. We plan on getting more interviews tonight at the mixer, but we’re not waiting for hors d’oeuvres! Here’s Halley Suitt, giving a qualified perspective of the entire event. Not only does she do Tarot readings, but she predicts the future with her short stories for the Harvard Business Journal. Seems the world of blogging and business are coming together, and this is just the first of many perspectives you’ll hear about it in the coming days.

From Weblogs, Work and Women, Halley writes:

Alas, the README file is often nearly unreadable – very disappointing for a story woman like me who wants a hero’s quest, a girl meets boy, or a simple whodunit offered up to her voracious reader’s appetite. The README file for those ungeeks who would appreciate an explanation, is usually a last file added to software that will give a user updated information and other important details as current as they possibly can be. It’s simple and factual and technical at a minimum, and overly technical, obtuse and impenetrable at the max – read ‘uninspiring’ to say the least – for mere mortals.

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Geek Dinner This Thursday

After this week’s live show, we’re gonna be gathering down the street at Blu Water (Leschi) at 10pm – so it’s more like a Geek Midnight Snack. There’s a bar and a restaurant that’s open ’til 1AM, but no Wi-Fi. Bring your camera, cards, and make reservations ASAP so that they’re not overwhelmed and understaffed. Spread the word to other Seattle-area geeks. I’m looking forward to meeting even more of you! Geeks are obviously welcome, and more than welcome to bring their non-geek counterparts.

Happy Birthday!

Robert Scoble is now 40 years old, and a few friends celebrated this happy [birthday] milestone with cheese last night. One of my birthday presents is this video. I wound up being the cheese judge, with the “most unique” prize going to the block shaped like a Scoblephone. No cheesecake was to be found, but we brought some Amsterdam Reserve since Adam Curry couldn’t make it (not to be confused with the AAC roll). The birthday cake did not have 40 candles, however – and the Fire Marshall was happy to hear that.

It’s Robert’s 40th [birthday] and we can’t think of any better way to celebrate than to party with you, so say cheese and let the wine flow. We are running a contest with prizes for the best tasting cheese, the stinkiest cheese, and the most unique cheese.

Perhaps we’ll cover other birthday parties in the future? I’m not sure how many folks were at this particular celebration, but if I get a semi-complete set of links, I’ll place them on this page. The cake was tasty, and the birthday seemed happy. I’m still recovering from the stack overflow of snacks. No birthday cakes were harmed in the making of this film, BTW. Made with Muvee!

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Radio Station in-a-Box

The WorldVibrations Radio Station is the ultimate “toy for big kids,” a professional-quality radio station in a box about the size of a VCR that can make anyone a broadcaster. It is a fully-automated or live internet radio station that can, with the addition of appropriate license and transmitter, broadcast over the air. Ideal for hobbyists, musical groups communities and organizations, the WorldVibrations Radio Station was used to broadcast the live “Chris Pirillo Show” from [email protected]’s.

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PC Noise Prevention, Cooling

Zalman is the recognized world leader in providing quiet computing solutions. Initially known for its CNPS® (Computer Noise Prevention System) line of CPU coolers that provide exceptional thermal performance while eliminating noise, Zalman now provides a wide range of products including the TNN™ home server and media center systems and quiet thermal solutions for most every heat-generating computer component.

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