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What Would You Do with Doctor Who?

SO MUCH FUN! George Barrett asks:

What would you do if the TARDIS materialised in your workshop? Would you simply greet the Doctor, or ask him to take you and Diana on some adventures? If it’s the latter, where would you want to go? Another planet? Backwards or forwards in time? Of course, if he’s landed in your workshop, we know what generally happens around the Doctor…!

DUDE! I’d check to make sure the TARDIS looks bigger on the inside. I know Diana would want to go along with him, because I’ve already asked her.

Then again, I should just say… “Spoilers.”

Until that day comes, you could always bring a TARDIS to your home yourself!

The 12th Doctor Regenerated Action Figure

When you’ve been a Doctor Who fan for a while, you take the regeneration process between actors in stride. Sure, you miss the old Doctors you’ve come to love in seasons past, but seeing what the next actor’s going to bring to the role is always exciting.

Since he’s just regenerated again, here’s upcoming Doctor Peter Capaldi (the 12th Doctor) in the garb of Matt Smith (the 11th Doctor) in The 12th Doctor Regenerated Action Figure — sure to be a collector’s item for generations (and regenerations!) to come…

The 12th Doctor Regenerated Action Figure