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Original Doodles Available on Etsy

There is something about original pieces that seem to gives them more character. It could be the time put in to them, the idea of having something that doesn’t exist anywhere else, or simply the look and feel you just can’t get from a copy. Thanks to sites like Etsy, it’s easy to find original work from independent artists.

I’ve been doodling since before I can remember. I’ve never considered myself much of an artist, but when my girlfriend suggested that I put some drawings up on Etsy, it seemed like an idea worth trying. Etsy makes it easy enough to create your own store to sell your original artwork that there really isn’t a lot to it.

Etsy is an online service with the goal in mind of giving independent artists and crafters a place where they can sell their work online in a place where potential buyers go with the purpose in mind of purchasing original art and crafts. Etsy has a philosophy of connecting makers with potential buyers in a more personal level than you would find on a bigger commercial site such as Ebay or Amazon.

The first batch of drawings I’m putting up on the site are made with felt tip pens and 8.5″ x 11″ card stock. This may change as future batches are made available to through Etsy. Also, depending on how well these do, I may live stream me drawing them for you to big on.

The drawings are being made with the idea in mind of allowing you to hang them either vertically or horizontally, depending on your preference.

If you purchase an item from me, I will promote your Twitter username (if you have one) to the community. I would also like to see where you decide to place it, so please send me a digital photo once you receive it.

I certainly don’t consider myself an artist, though doodling is one of my life-long favorite pastimes. Etsy is a great platform for artists and other creative sorts to sell their creations to the world. They even make it easy for non-artists like me to give being an artist a shot.

Do you make art and/or crafts in your spare time? Leave a comment below and tell me about it.

How to Make a Web Comic

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been uploading comic panes and sending them out to my Twitter and Facebook pages. People have asked me exactly how I make these, and so I thought I’d make this video to explain exactly how to make a comic.

These comic panes have been generated using both ToonPAINT for iOS and Comic Life 2 on Mac OS X. These applications, when combined, help me to create something in an easy and simple way that no other single program I’ve seen yet has.

First, you’re going to want to take a good shot of yourself using ToonPAINT doing something worthy of a humorous caption. Perhaps there’s a situation or idea you’ve always thought was funny, but haven’t quite had the ability to express it. You could even just take a snapshot of yourself making a goofy face.

Once the picture is taken, ToonPAINT will give you the option to tweak the look of the resulting image. You may decide to use a black and white cartoon or go with something more colorful. When you are satisfied with your art, simply email it to yourself (full size).

At this point you can transfer the file over to an application for Mac OS X called Comic Life 2. You can use the original Comic Life, which is available on both OS X and Windows, but the caption text just seems to look better in Comic Life 2.

Here you can add a caption bubble of your choosing, position it how and where you want it to go, and type away. Once you’re done here you can export your final cartoon and share it with the world.

The only downside to this process is that you have to use two different devices. An all-in-one solution would be worthwhile, especially if it can be contained in a single iOS app versus having to go to a desktop or notebook computer to complete the process every time.

To the Cloud! [COMIC]

The slogan for Windows Cloud proclaims “To The Cloud!” The service claims to connect everything from your PC to the Cloud. Use it to create photos, documents and movies. Connect to the people and files you care about the most. Share what matters anywhere – anytime – easily. Doesn’t that give you warm, fuzzy feelings just thinking about it?

To the cloud! [COMIC]

There are many other services out there which can accomplish the same things. It’s getting tough these days to know which one may be “right” for you. How do you decide?

Dіck Figures – A Bee or Something

The folks behind the Happy Tree Friends are bringing you some hip new animated characters: the Dick Figures. Mondo Media has what seems to be an unlimited supply of funny up its sleeve. In this first episode, Dick Figures — A Bee or Something, Blue got dumped. He’s having a bad day. Red’s voice becomes auto-tuned. Now Blue is having a worse day… until Red’s voice grabs them a whole host of dancing stick-figure hotties.

The Kin is back from the dead! [COMIC]

At the end of June, Microsoft killed off their line of Kin phones. There were reports that only about five hundred of the devices ever sold. Speculation pointed to the high cost of the device and its plan, as well as the fact that they seemed to be geared towards teenagers.

Apparently, the Kin is back with an updated pricing plan. Do you think resurrecting this device was a good idea?

The Kin is back from the dead! [COMIC]

TSA for the lonely [COMIC]

TSA for the lonely [COMIC]

Everywhere you look online, there are articles where people are yelling long and loud about the way the TSA has been handling passengers recently. Many TSA agents reportedly are touching people in spots they feel are completely inappropriate. Prosecutors are speaking out and claiming that charges will be pressed. Passengers who feel violated are filing police reports and lawsuits.

While nothing about this situation is funny, I thought that perhaps a little bit of humor injected into it would go a long way.

Are you Retweeting Mashable?

Mashable is one of the largest social media news sites on the planet. Their fearless leader, Pete Cashmore is a quiet force to be reckoned with. I have a feeling that when Pete “asks” you to re-Tweet their Twitter updates, it’s not really a request.

Are you a fan of Mashable? Do you tend to re-Tweet items you see from there, TechCrunch and our site? What do you deem to be Tweet-worthy?

Are you retweeting Mashable?