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Crazy Lawsuits Should be Outlawed

We’ve heard stories of completely ridiculous lawsuits in the past. Do you remember the McDonald’s coffee suit? What about the case of a burglar breaking into a lady’s home, hurting himself and then successfully suing the homeowner? There are thousands of cases on the books, and they are often won in a court of law – to the tune of a lot of money. Unfortunately, the trend doesn’t seem to be fading away, as evidenced by three recent separate filings. Each case is nearly identical other than the defendant.

Twitter, MySpace and Facebook are all being sued for sending confirmation messages to a cellular device. In each case, the plaintiffs chose to activate the text-message feature within the service. At some point later in time, the three people each changed their mind and replied with “stop” so that they would no longer receive the communications.

As with any other service out there, the three services all then sent back a confirmation message. This is standard procedure, folks. It’s been done forever, and I’ve honestly never seen someone complain. However, these three individuals have seen the opportunity to make a few bucks, and are pointing to a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. This Act was designed to prevent unsolicited communications to cellular devices. It’s used when companies are spamming people and when you have cases of harassment, even. It shouldn’t apply to something that you signed up for willingly and then changed your mind about later on.

I don’t know about you, but I am glad I receive confirmation messages. Imagine you want to receive these little tidbits on your phone. Another person is using your device and decides to play a prank on you by replying “Stop.” Or… perhaps you accidentally do so. Whatever the case may be, it’s good in my mind to have that extra little layer of security in place. The companies are simply making sure there was no error. They don’t continually harass you and try to get you to stay signed up. They don’t send message after message. You receive ONE confirmation notice. Why is that so wrong?

Personally, I think this is a load of hogwash. What are your thoughts?

How to Get a Capital One Platinum Card

I bet you’re convinced that in order to obtain a platinum credit card, you need to have great credit. You may also believe you have to hold a job and be… oh… I don’t know… an adult, perhaps? Unfortunately, the latter isn’t necessarily true. 5-year-old Hunter was recently the unwitting recipient of a Capital One Platinum card, much to his mother’s confusion. His favorite pastimes include playing with cars, watching cartoons and trying to get junk food for breakfast. He isn’t quite yet ready to worry about his credit score or trying to untangle the crazy webs some companies can weave.

Hunter’s mom was a bit confused when her son kept receiving applications for this card in the mail. Concerned that maybe someone was trying to use his identity, she called up the oh-so-helpful customer service division of Capital One. She was advised that the best way to stop the advertisements was to actually fill one of them out. The rep she spoke wish assured her that the app would absolutely be denied, due to the child’s age. So… she fills the application out online. Imagine her surprise when it was approved in under sixty seconds!

Stunned, the woman called the customer service department back again. This time, she was told that the card would not show up in the mail and that everything would be taken care of. Oh… you know where this is going, do you? Yup, you’re right: the card showed up in the mail less than a week later! The by now very upset mom called yet again and began to navigate her way through the automated system. Before a live person picked up the call, the card was automatically activated!

Finally ticked off enough to chew lead, this Connecticut mother demanded that the card be immediately canceled and all further mailings stop. The representative wasn’t so accommodating, though: they refused to go through her, and said that they would need to speak with the account holder. Even after she explained Hunter is only five years old, she was again told that they could not speak with her to resolve the issues.

It was only after she contacted a local television station that the company finally got a clue and canceled the account.

How in the heck could this even happen? Where did all of those so-called security measures go that we are supposed to have in place to protect us? The company claims that this happened because the card is designed for people with no credit or less-than-great credit. That’s all fine, well and good, but don’t you think they should perhaps have at least made sure that the cardholder would be someone who is old enough to actually pay the bill?

Subservient Chris to Raise Money for Cancer Research

Cancer is an ugly beast which leaves death and destruction in its wake. It doesn’t care who it goes after: a handsome little boy who has his Daddy’s eyes, a young woman with toddlers at home bravely hiding her pain from the kids or the grandmother is the cornerstone of the family. Cancer tries to mess with amazing friends like Drew Olanoff or Mike Kochansky. It comes like a thief in the night, attacking mercilessly that which we hold dear. I can guarantee that each and every one of you reading this has known someone who has been lost to some form of this disgusting disease. Cancer affects EVERYONE on some level. I am not a scientist or doctor. I cannot find a cure. I can, however, be me and help to raise money to help fund that cure by turning myself into Subservient Chris once again.

On Friday, May 13th – 6:00pm PST, several friends will descend upon my home and turn me into YOUR virtual slave. For a minimum ten-dollar donation, I will perform any completely crazy act you wish – within reason. I won’t do anything illegal, disgusting or degrading. In the past, I’ve been known to sing, dance, smear peanut butter on my face, place my dog on my head and wear a dress, high heels and makeup! I want you to be creative when thinking up your request, people. We are raising money for a very serious reason, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun while we do it! Give cancer a proverbial black eye by helping us gather donations for this very worthwhile cause.

My friends Liana and Michelle will once again participate in a race via Team in Training, and all proceeds from our event go directly to them. We will broadcast the entire thing live, and I’m sure many people plan to be around to record the insanity. You can begin sending your donations to [email protected] at any time, but please be sure to add a note to the PayPal form. Include your task for me or simply state you are donating to the cancer fundraiser so your contribution is easy to keep track of.

This year, our passion is much stronger to do as well as we can. Our efforts are being dedicated to our friend Derek Miller. Derek wrote and performed the Gnomedex song a couple of times, appeared as a floating head on the big conference screen a few years ago and is one hell of a great guy. A few months ago, Derek and his family made the incredibly tough decision to suspend treatment of his cancer and instead dedicate the rest of his time to living life in as peaceful a manner as possible. His strength, courage and humor during this time has been inspiring to so many of us. The end of his journey is quickly drawing near, but we will all continue to fight in his honor against this monster. Our thoughts and prayers are with Derek, his awesome wife Airdrie and their children during this difficult time.

UPDATE – Our friend Derek was freed from the confines of this life on May 3rd, 2011. His memory will forever live on in our minds and hearts.

Think of those you have lost… those who are fighting the battle…. those who have yet to begin their fight. Keep them all in mind and join us beginning at 6:00pm PST on May 13th.

For your enjoyment – and a sneak peak at what you can expect – take a few moments to watch the videos embedded below. They are some of the “best” moments captured during past Subservient Chris events… well, the best in someone else’s eyes, anyway. I’m not so sure about ever doing that whole peanut butter thing again, y’all!

Sony Playstation Breach Shows How Vulnerable You Are

Sony finally owned up to what was already clear several days ago: Playstation Network incurred a massive breach of user data. Over seventy-seven million user accounts are impacted in what is quite possibly the largest data breach ever. The FBI is on notice and one United States Congressman is accusing Sony of “taking too long to report the breach.” Whoever hacked the Sony Playstation Network likely has access to your username and password, your date of birth, your name, your address and your credit card information. They even have the answers to your security questions.

This data breach should put us all on notice – it’s becoming harder to know who to trust with your data. The problem is bigger than Sony. It proves just how vulnerable you really are. Canceling your credit card right away and adding a “high risk” alert to your credit file might help mitigate the short term damage. You can cancel your mother’s maiden name, or your first pet’s name, or the model of your first car.

Even if your username and password are unique at every site, you likely use the same security questions and answers. After all, how many different security questions do you see? We are asked our mother’s maiden name, our first girlfriend’s first name, our first job, and even what type of car we drive. Thinking back on the last five websites I signed up with, the security questions were almost identical at each one. Now those criminals know the answers to those supposed security boosts – along with all of your other personally identifying information. They can freely access nearly anything you’ve registered for online and they also have the power to assume your identity with brand new accounts.

Let’s dig a little deeper into what this means from a security standpoint. Imagine if you will a C-level executive with GE or Ford who happens to be enjoy gaming on the Playstation Network. Can you even imagine the potential for havoc once data theives access thier various online accounts? We’re talking possible repercussions of a massive scale, y’all. Down on main street, where business owners are struggling to survive and thrive, those who had their information stolen could end up seeing a bankruptcy judge in the near future. An unlucky teen’s parents may end up with a mountain of credit card debt they cannot escape from.

If our trust is violated by a huge corporation like Sony – or any of the other 2,447 companies who had a data compromise since 2005 – who can we trust?

How to Telecommute Successfully

Many people have told me over the years that they envy my ability to work from home. I don’t have to get up before the sun. There’s no need to dress up or drive through chilly morning fog in order to get to an office. No one can tell me how to decorate my office or what type of coffee to drink while I’m slaving away. Yes, I’m lucky enough to work for myself. Even so, I still have deadlines to meet and things that must be done. Being a telecommuter isn’t as glamorous or as easy as people like to think. It can be hectic and difficult at times, often more so than working in an office is.

The first thing you have to do in order to work from home successfully is to have discipline. There are so many distractions around you. There are dishes and laundry to be done. DVDs and your DVR are softly calling your name. The mailman wants to have a chat because he’s feeling a little lonely today. Your lawn desperately needs to be mowed and hey – your bed sure as heck looks comfy. Knowing that “the boss” isn’t looking over your shoulder every moment of the day makes it incredibly hard to stay focused and not give in to any of these temptations.

If you’re lucky enough to be allowed to work whichever hours of the day you choose, you can easily add these “distractions” into your day. Work a few hours and then reward yourself with an episode of your favorite show. Get further on your project and perhaps go enjoy the sunshine while doing yard work. The key is to make sure that you stay focused on your deadlines and the things that have to be done. Even when you have the freedom to complete tasks at any time of the day, you must remember that they have to be completed that day. As soon as you start putting them off and falling behind, your telecommuting career is going to sink.

The next thing you need to focus on is organization. Use a calendar or other scheduling device, whether it’s software of some type or a piece of paper. Make a list of the things you must do each day. Schedule your phone conferences, meeting reminders and other necessities and make sure you set some type of reminder or alarm well in advance. This gives you the ability to wrap up whatever you’re working on and be prepared to move on to whatever it is you need to do next. Trying to do things “off the cuff” doesn’t work very well in this type of environment.

Make sure you stay available. Keep in mind any time differences: my virtual assistant happens to live on the East coast, while I’m here in Seattle. The three-hour time difference has never really been an issue for us. She monitors her email until late in the evening to make sure she doesn’t miss anything I might need. If she needs to run out during my office hours, she is sure to let me know to reach her via cell phone. Make sure your employer knows where you’re going to be and what the best way is to reach you. This way, you may be able to do your work in the evening while you head to a doctor’s appointment during the day. Heck, you can even split your day: do some work in the morning, attend your son’s soccer game in the afternoon and then finish up your work day when the kids are tucked into bed.

Working from home – or being someone who telecommutes – can be both difficult and rewarding. You simply need to find your balance.

AT&T Admits It Cannot Handle the Traffic

The truth? You can’t handle the truth! This quote from the movie “A Few Good Men” pretty much sums up the way I feel about the news flying around the web today regarding AT&T. I’m angry – much as many of you are. Guess what, oh darling AT&T? We already knew you couldn’t handle our iPhone traffic. We’ve known this for nearly four years now. We’ve attempted to tell you. We’ve begged and pleaded. We have whined, nagged and thrown virtual temper tantrums. FINALLY you admit there’s an actual problem. Doing this a long time ago would have gone a long way towards keeping customers happy and loyal to your company.

In today’s FCC filing, the mobile giant admits that it needs help in order to succeed. It clearly lays out the reasoning for wanting to buy out T-Mobile: it needs the additional boost to the network. The company’s mobile data volume jumped by more than 8,000% in the time period from 2007 to 2010. As a result, its network is dealing with capacity constraints far more severe than any other provider. Sure, Verizon has the iPhone now, as well… along with other smartphones. But the sheer volume of this Apple device on AT&Ts network has brought the carrier to its knees.

AT&T claims in the filing that the buyout “will thus benefit consumers by reducing the number of dropped and blocked calls, increasing data speeds, improving in-building coverage, and dramatically expanding deployment of next-generation mobile technology.” With devices such as the iPhone generating more than twenty times the amount of data a conventional smartphone does, the network is clogged on a constant basis. Calls are dropped and lost. Downloads are stalled. Connections aren’t available. It’s a nightmare, and one which AT&T hopes will end with this merger.

The company has said repeatedly that there isn’t time to beef up its network on its own. It takes years to get proper permits and things lined up in order to build even one tower. Imagine the time – and money – it would take to erect enough towers to make the network truly stable again. This merger makes sense for that reason alone – but not everyone agrees.

Sprint is vehemently opposed, for obvious reasons. The merger will undoubtedly make the company an enormous one. Sprint wants the government to put the kibosh on the entire deal, claiming that it will create a “duopoly” which will prevent other companies from being competitive. Sprint also feels that the deal will raise prices through the roof.

As an AT&T customer, I sure won’t mind having a more stable and reliable network. I don’t want to sneer when the Verizon guy asks if I can hear him now. I’d like to simply use my phone anytime – and anywhere – I wish. I can see the point of view of the competing businesses and those opposed. I don’t know… what do you think? Is this a deal that should be allowed? Keep in mind that the data demands on AT&T – and all other companies – will continue to skyrocket over the next few years. Should they be merging together in this manner, or should they be attempting to build more towers?

Apple TV Giveaway Winner and Money-Saving Geek Tips

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At the end of March, we announced the giveaway of an Apple TV. Requirements for entry were pretty simple: You had to follow both myself and The Frugal Geek on Twitter, and send out a Tweet of your own. We actually had a LOT of entries, y’all – more than a thousand of them!

There are a lot of things you can do with this gorgeous little device. Turn your television into a photo album. Listen to your music. Watch YouTube videos and listen to podcasts or Internet radio through your home speakers. Watch Netflix movies and television in HD. Rent your favorite shows on the spot – commercial free – for less than a buck per episode. (These are available the day after they air.) And of course, with the Apple TV you have instant access to the hottest new movies… usually the SAME DAY they release to DVD in stores.

Matt and I hooked up on Skype to do this giveaway, and I recorded the conversation using Call Recorder. It’s not a free application, but it does work very well. It’s simple to use: install the app and record and stop buttons will appear in your Skype window. You will have the ability to record video calls with picture-in-picture or split-screen mode! The files are saved as QuickTime movies, but you can convert them to MP3 files quickly. Drag your movie into the “Convert to MP3” utility within the app and it will automagically convert the file for you. You can then email it to someone or share it via a website.

When Matt came to me with an interest in doing a giveaway, I jumped at the chance. We announced it with a video, and received some amount of negativity from the community. Most of this came from our International audience. They weren’t happy to be left out. We had to explain – repeatedly – that our hands were tied. Giveaways are governed by various country laws, and there’s nothing we can do to change those obviously.

With nearly 1100 entries, Matt’s Twitter account quickly gained hundreds of new followers. My account even received a few new subscribers, which blows my mind. To have this type of positive feedback – and entries for the giveaway – made the negativity worth having to deal with. We want to try to do a monthly giveaway, and are going to work hard to try and accommodate the International folks.

This entire giveaway came about when Matt was visiting his local Fry’s store. He noticed some silly Darth Vader lamps (which I happen to love!) which made him think of me. As he wandered into the next aisle – the Apple product aisle – he remembered how welcoming and accepting our community has been. He’s been blogging full time for a few months now on the Lockergnome Frugal Geek blog, and has submitted a few excellent videos to our YouTube channel. All of his work is full of money-saving tips for geeks… something we can all use.

Matt realized there’s no better way to say thank you than with a sweet piece of hardware. The Apple TV weighs only a half an ounce, but it packs some serious punch. You’ll find a lovely A4 CPU – the same chip that runs your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. There’s a 6-watt power supply and a slew of ports: HDMI2, Audio, Ethernet and Micro USB slot (which Apple says is for service and support).

I was all for this opportunity, since Matt is such an active contributing member of our community. I love that Matt helps people save money – and time. I constantly Tweet out coupons, deals and even links to freebies of all types. Some may accuse me of spam, but I really do enjoy helping people save money. There’s value we provide – beyond the gifts.

Matt collected all of the names – just under 1100 of them – of the people who entered the giveaway. He put that list into the Random Number Generator site and a winner was chosen!

Congratulations to Casey Bryan from North Hollywood, California! You have just won yourself an Apple TV!

Thank you to everyone for participating. Keep your eyes peeled for our next giveaway.

How to Save Money on Ultrasound Technology

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Ultrasound image processing equipment that is used in hospitals and clinics is expensive. The cost of this type of machinery increases the medical costs already associated with prenatal care. This makes it prohibitive for many pregnant women to access this type of testing and diagnostics. The BearPaw team from BYU designed a cloud-based image processing solution, which couples with a tablet computer and USB ultrasound devices to dramatically reduce the cost of capturing – and processing – ultrasound images.

I met with this team when I helped to judge the recent Imagine Cup USA finals. This competition allows students to create real-world software and services applications which make use of Microsoft tools and technology. The winner received an automatic bid to compete at the Worldwide finals later this year.

The Mobile Ultrasound is a solution which uses the Cloud to not only process the images, it also allows input of real patient information and the gives the ability to upload to a server for future processing and retrieval.

This type of testing is not only done on pregnant women to detect fetal complications. It’s also used to diagnose kidney stones, appendicits and many other human body issues and defects. It’s a simple matter to plug the device in to a USB port and grab the information quickly. It gets rid of the traditional – and expensive – parts which cuts way down on the costs.

Doctors will be able to retrieve this information at any point in time, no matter where they may be. As long as they have an Internet connection, they could receive the video file and images. The images are saved in a .JPG format so that they can be viewed even on a mobile device. It doesn’t matter where a doctor happens to be – or what device he uses to access the Internet – he or she will be able to have the needed information at their fingertips instantly.

As a prototype, this device was made for just over two thousand dollars. The traditional big systems cost well over a hundred thousand bucks, people. Just one of these devices will save so much money that doctors and hospitals won’t know what to do with it all.

Great work to the team at BearPaw, and good luck to all of you in the future.

How to Permanently Delete Windows Files

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Deleting a file on your Windows machine by sending it to the Recycle Bin does NOT permanently delete said file… not even when you empty the Recycle Bin. However, most of the time a normal delete is just fine. How can you delete your files and folders without sending them to the Recycle Bin, though? Matthew is here to help you out with this dilemmas.

First of all, you can bypass the Recycle Bin completely. Simply select the file you want to get rid of, hold down the Shift key and tap the Delete key. This will automagically delete the files, bypassing the Recycle Bin completely. You can make this a permanent change by modifying the properties of the Recycle Bin.

To modify the Bin properties, right-click the Recycle Bin, choose Properties and select the option to “Don’t Move Files to the Recycle Bin. Remove Files Immediately When Deleted.” Keep in mind that if you make a mistake, it’s too bad. It won’t be in the Bin for you to easily un-delete.

Now, if you are worried about more permanent solutions than that, what are you supposed to do? Perhaps you have financial information on a computer that you are thinking of selling. You definitely don’t want that falling into the wrong hands! Thankfully, there are software solutions that can help.

SecureDelete will permanently delete files and encrypt them in a way that makes it impossible to decipher if it ever were recovered. Installation of the software is simple and use is very intuitive.

Heidi Eraser allows you to delete and remove sensitive data from your hard disk by overwriting it several times. This method makes SURE that no one will ever be able to access that data. Eraser is able to wipe files and folders, encrypted files and drives, Internet cache and cookies and more. It will also destroy data on network files, floppy disks, CDs and DVDs and supports FAT32 and NTFS file systems.

DBAN happens to be my favorite utility of all. Darik’s Boot and Nuke is open source software which will erase and wipe hard disks and files from your computer – with no hope of recovery. It’s a fantastic tool to use for large quantities of data destruction. You can install it to boot from a floppy, CD or even a USB stick, depending on your boot options.

Thanks, Matthew, for an excellent screencast!

Facebook Hacker Uses Chat to Extort Money

Having security software on your computer isn’t enough to keep you protected. Not clicking on unknown links won’t make sure you aren’t infected. Restraining yourself from punching the monkey or placing a tail on the donkey will not ensure your machine stays clean and free of unwanted nasties. Likewise, locking down your Facebook profile to only allow friends direct access to you may not be enough to keep you from being scammed.

Scammers will go to any lengths to extort money from us, apparently. One man recently hacked into a Facebook account and then proceeded to beg for money from a friend of the user whose account he had broken into. You can read the entire transcript of the chat between the two at the end of this post. Suffice to say the idiot tripped himself up more than once right from the beginning. Thanks to the quick thinking of the friend contacted, no harm was done – and no money changed hands.

Mike was supposedly in the hospital, recovering from some type of surgery to his head or brain. Imagine his friend Kevin’s surprise, then, when Mike chatted him up on the popular social networking site, claiming that he and his family were stranded in London and needed money right away to get home. The first red flag was raised at that precise moment. The second came shortly after Kevin offered to pay for airline tickets for the quartet using his air miles. Mike insisted they needed cash to settle the hotel bill – even though they were supposedly already standing in the airport. Mister scammer wanted cash wired to him via Western Union faster than most people could think.

Sadly, you can’t even trust your friends these days. More accurately, you should never fully trust that your friend is REALLY your friend if they ask you for money out of the blue… especially if they want it wired to some weird location they shouldn’t be in. Double and triple-check every detail before giving in to the impulse to help these people. Make sure the story is really true – or you’re going to be out a whole lot of money and pride.

Mike: Hello
Mike: how are you doing today ?
Kevin: hey hey
Mike: how are you doing today?
Kevin: all good, thank God…how’s by you
Mike: not good at all
Kevin: ?
Mike: yes
Kevin: what’s going on
Mike: we’re stuck in london
Mike: got mugged at the gun point last night
Mike: all cash and credit card phone got stolen away from us
Kevin: oh my goodness
Mike: but thank God will still have our passport with us
Kevin: i didn’t even know you guys were traveling
Mike: i need your help
Kevin: did you go to the police?
Mike: sorry i didn’t inforom you
Mike: yes but there are not helping issue ata ll
Mike: they told us to come back in two weeks later
Kevin: i thought you were confined to a hospital bed? how did you manage to get on a plane?
Mike: yes
Mike: i do
Mike: but my wife
Mike: has us to leave with the kids
Mike: for vacation
Mike: wondering if you can loan me some cash $$
Mike: when we get back today am going to refund back your money to you
Kevin: so you are still in the hospital, or you are in london with them?
Mike: i said am in london with them
Mike: Tracy said she going to pay back the money
Mike: when we get back
Kevin: Mike, seriously???? you never even paid me back the last loan! how i can i possibly give you more now?
Mike: please
Kevin: you remember, you asked me for money for the head surgery
Mike: Tracy will refund all
Mike: back to you immediately we get back home
Kevin: tell you what
Mike: i swear
Kevin: i have a friend in london. he can come get you
Kevin: we’ll sort it out
Kevin: i’m going to call him now, hold on
Kevin: where are you now
Mike: ok call him
Mike: but i don’t think that will help us
Mike: in this situiation
Mike: what we need is some cash
Kevin: he can bring some money for you
Mike: to get on a plane back home
Kevin: i’ll get you tickets. are you coming back to JFK?
Mike: our flight will be leaving in the next 1hour
Mike: yes
Kevin: oh, then i can meet you at the airport
Mike: can you wire us dome fund
Mike: via western union money transfer ?
Kevin: you’re at the airport already??
Mike: yes
Mike: please send us the money
Kevin: how much do you need
Mike: we’re going to pick it up here in the airport
Kevin: how much
Mike: $1550
Kevin: yikes
Kevin: oh you know what
Kevin: i have plenty of miles on my account, i can just buy the tickets for you
Mike: ??
Kevin: what flight number
Mike: i have to sort out hotel bills also
Mike: money is the issue
Mike: before leaving
Kevin: if your flight is in an hour, and you’re already in the airport, the hotels can wait until you land in a few hours
Mike: let me know how much you can get me at the moment?
Kevin: i’ll meet you at the JFK terminal
Kevin: i’ve already called your dad to let him know the situation
Kevin: he’s freaking out
Kevin: but i told him that you’re safe now
Mike: i still have my lodgings in the hotel
Kevin: he asked if you delivered the special package, or if it was taken from you
Kevin: not sure what he means by that
Kevin: do you want him to call you?
Mike: let let him know i did
Mike: i told you our phones got stolen away from
Mike: us
Kevin: oh right ok
Mike: let me know how much you can get to me at the moment
Kevin: ok, i got you 4 tickets on kuwait airways 101, it’s leaving at 6pm your time
Mike: because we need to get the bill sorted and get back home
Kevin: i put you, Tracy, and the the kids’ names on it
Kevin: so that should take care of the flight
Kevin: let me call the hotel, i’ll sort it out with them
Kevin: what’s their info
Mike: ok
Mike: you can call the hotel manager
Mike: +44[redacted]
Mike: let me know if you’re calling now
Kevin: actually, i’m calling the police. thanks for the phone number, scammer
Mike: you’re welcome
Mike: i will hack into your account if you dont log out between 6minute
Mike: i swear
Kevin: hahah go for it
Mike: ok wait and see your account going on hack processing right now
Mike: with bad sofware
Mike: 5minutes more

I have no idea if this scammer was caught, but let’s hope he at least learned a lesson.