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I like saving money, and Cyber Monday is a great opportunity to save on the various gadgets I’ve talked about (and touched) over the past year. I’ll give you my three best Cyber Monday shopping tips: (1) make a list so you don’t get distracted by all the pretty, shiny, unnecessary items; (2) use coupon codes to boost your savings especially when encountering necessary evils like shipping fees and; (3) play fun games to score free gift-cards!

Lucky for you, our friends at have asked me to help you win some extra spending cash for Amazon. I’m hosting the last and final clue in its Cyber Monday Scavenger Hunt. So if you’re new to my blog: Hey! You should probably take the time to follow me on Twitter, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and add me on Instagram before you leave.

Clue #5: Use this coupon code to save 10% off your purchase at store that’s known for using borosilicate glass. Stuck? Ask your local barista for a tip.

How to Play:

  1. Use the clue above to find the code at
  2. Once you have located the code, enter it on the Cyber Monday page
  3. Work fast because the first players to enter the correct code will win the grand prize I’ve chosen: a $1,000 e-gift card to Amazon (emailed to you by

While you’re at, check out the great coupon codes that you can use now through Cyber Monday to double up on your savings. Please make sure to read the full contest rules here.

This is the Mother of all Ties

Technology geeks don’t normally like to dress up. When I have to, I tend to wear jeans with a t-shirt and jacket. If I must wear a tie for some crazy reason, I wear the geekiest one I can possibly find. I can’t help it. Wearing boring dress clothes is just not who I am, and I’m willing to bet most of you out there are nodding in agreement right now. This is why I was so stoked to come across the new Motherboard Tie!

I would wear this tie while eating green eggs and ham. I would wear this tie while hopping on one foot and waving my arms around in the air. I would wear this tie when standing on a stage. I would wear this tie to bed and let it give me cool-geek-tie dreams.

You get the point. The only question left to answer is: Which shirt should I wear?

Here are some Coupons so you can get 10% off this tie.


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We Haven’t Forgotten Windows 7

There should be an image here!Last week, we posted an offer to our readers about a security encryption program, SafeBit. There was a forty percent reduction to their usual price for the people who frequent these pages. Our write-up can be found here.

Because of very bad timing and the issue with coordinating over many different time zones, we learned too late that the program does work with Windows 7. The memo states: “it is compatible with the 32 bit version of Windows 7.”

The good news is that the SafeBit people are extending their generous offer until April 25th, 2010. Now there is no reason for our Windows 7 people to miss out on this offer. Thanks to the people at SafeBit for all their effort and for looking out for the Windows 7 users.

How to Save Money on Mac Software

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You know I love software, especially when I can get it at a discount. Mac Update is currently running their promo winter bundle. You can get 14 Mac Apps for only $50.00!! That is a 90% savings off of the normal retail price. Celebrate the holidays with a collection of legendary apps and a few new classics at an unbeatable price!

Once you purchase, you will receive Path Finder, Socialite, Yep, Radio Gaga, GarageSale, Drag Thing, Speed Download, PCalc, HealthNut, Machinarium, iRip, and more!

You have to hurry, as this is a time-sensitive sale. It ends at midnight on Sunday night, December 27th! There’s only about a day and a half left, as of the writing of this post. Nearly ten thousand bundles have already been sold, so what are you waiting for? Hurry and get yours!

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Protect Your Computer for Christmas

Happy Holidays! If you are one of those generous Santas who is giving a computer this holiday season, please remember to protect it with some anti-virus and anti-spyware software. It seems that the hackers / criminals are going to vary and increase their attacks in the new year. It has been reported that file sharing networks will be under attack.

The tragic death of Brittany Murphy has meant fake sites spreading malware and faked emails leading to bogus sites. It is simply dangerous, and any new computer needs immediate protection.

Sunbelt Software is offering our readers a generous discount on their premier product, VIPRE.

VIPRE Antivirus + Antispyware is high-performance antivirus software that doesn’t slow down your PC like older, traditional security products. VIPRE is the end of antivirus as you know it. The press loves it. VIPRE got 5 STARS on, and was just VB100 Certified…

This award winning software is suitable for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. And for a limited time, Sunbelt is offering our readers a ten dollar discount.

Please use the following coupon code: SPYINFO

VIPRE combines antivirus, antispyware, anti-rootkit and other technologies into a seamless, tightly-integrated product. Built with next-generation technology, VIPRE (Virus Intrusion Protection Remediation Engine) gives you powerful antivirus and antispyware software in-one that protects you against today’s highly complex malware threats including viruses, adware, spyware and rootkits, without hogging your PC resources like many traditional antivirus products.

This generous offer will be valid until January 5, 2010. Our thanks to the Sunbelt crew for this generous offer to our readers. This product will protect those new computers – and it is a great idea as a year-round gift that is functional every time your friend or family member turns on the computer.

Have a great and safe holiday.

Malware on the Rise

There are times when malware seems to be everywhere. Even a large, security conscious company like Google can be exploited. This week, Elinor Mills reported that Google Doodle had been compromised:

Online scammers are taking advantage of the public’s interest in the Google Doodle to spread malware, a security firm warned on Tuesday.

In so-called “SEO poisoning,” scammers use search engine optimization techniques to increase the distribution of malware. They create special malware-rigged Web sites or hide malware on legitimate Web sites they’ve compromised and then use tags associated with popular search terms to get them listed high up in search engine results.

And with the holidays nearly upon us, malware will be in our email. For example, hackers will load malware onto email that looks like a holiday greeting card. Once the person opens that email – expecting it to be from a friend or family member – the computer can be compromised. Consider this a warning to not open any email greeting cards this year.

This holiday season is an opportune time for hackers. They too have expenses and they know that people online are rushing. Hackers are counting on any lapse of attention to have malware installed on more and more machines. That is why we recommend security programs such as Webroot Internet Security Essentials (WISE):

… With unmatched antivirus, antispyware and firewall security, WISE provides blockbuster protection for your PC. In fact, the technologies in WISE have won a combined 11 PC Magazine Editors’ Choice awards! These technologies provide more complete protection than competing products to proactively block: viruses, spyware, worms, trojans, data theft, rootkits, hackers, intrusions, keyloggers…

Webroot is allowing up to three computers to be protected and with a ten dollar discount. This works out to an amount under seventeen dollars per computer. It is a huge bargain.

Protect yourself with an award winning program. We want you to be safe online. This would be an exceptional gift to any friend or family member who does not pay much attention to internet security. This is an easy to use program that you can give for year round computer security. And remember, this offer will protect up to three machines.

Are You Going Shopping on Black Friday?

I’ve made my list, and I’ve checked it twice. No, it’s not Christmas yet… but it will be soon. Yes, I will be busy shopping on Black Friday. But I won’t bother getting out of my pajamas. Nor will I get up at 3am – or even leave my house! I will be shopping right from the comfort, warmth and sanity of my office. There are so many deals to be had online during Black Friday – some even better than their store counterparts.

Don’t forget to check out our coupons before you shop online. Also, make sure you’ve seen the Black Friday software sales we have lined up!

Are you on the naughty list… or the nice? Should people be ordering lumps of coal for you, or something much better? Are you planning to shop on Black Friday, whether in stores or from home?

Most importantly… what are you buying me for Christmas!?

Our Apps and Software store is full of new Windows programs for you today. I hope you’ve taken the time to check them out. Don’t forget to bookmark the site and check back daily. We put new things on there nearly every day!

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Tempting You to Click

Online advertising is so pervasive that most people barely glance at it. Advertising has become part of the Internet landscape. One way that advertisers are hoping to stir interest is to put their advertising on social network sites like Facebook and Twitter. For example, on Twitter, you would see someone you follow post a link. A click leads to advertising. This has been called in-stream advertising. It carries the weight of someone with whom you have some familiarity online, and it increases the chances that you will click and look at that link.

This type of advertising also provides hackers and criminals another way to access your computer. That person you follow online may have his/her account hacked and may be unknowingly serving up malicious links.

This is just one scheme to deliver malware to your computer. By the time this paragraph is read, there will be new means to spread malware. The daily news will trigger another flood of malware. There is no doubt that the criminals are fast and creative. There are big dollars to be had and easy targets to be found online.

That is why security programs are necessary for protecting your computer from these infections. We repeatedly urge our readers to protect themselves and inform their friends and family. Some of your friends and family may not have the slightest interest in computer security. Those are the people who become easy targets.

You may hear the argument from these people that they are careful online. However, no one can be vigilant 100% of the time. There are drive-by downloads that can install malware on your machine, without your even having to click a link. Sometimes, a person is just tired and errors are made. Hackers count on such errors and an absolutely necessary protection is an excellent security regime on your computer. You should have an anti-virus, a firewall, and at least one anti-spyware program running at all times. For an anti-spyware program, we are recommending SUPERAntiSpyware. We have an excellent deal for you that offers real time protection:

SUPERAntiSpyware has real-time blocking of threats! Prevent potentially harmful software from installing or re-installing! First Chance Prevention examines over 50 critical points of your system each time your system starts up and shuts down to eliminate threats before they have a chance to infect and infiltrate your system.

The program offers much, much more and you can read about it at the links provided. SUPERAntiSpyware will detect and remove spyware, adware, malware, Trojans, dialers, worms, keyloggers, hijackers, rootkits, and many other types of threats. This program is easy to use and it is effective. SUPERAntispyware is being offered at a special rate for our readers. There is a ten dollar ($10.00) saving, until December 3, 2009.

This is a program that is highly recommended within the security community. People who work on these pages use it and recommend it, too. We use it. We need it and so do you. We are trying to make it as easy and as economical as possible for you to protect yourself and your computer.

Keep Your Computer in Tip-Top Shape

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The folks at PC PitStop have been a tremendous help to our community during the time we’ve been doing live streaming. We contribute videos to their newsletters as often as possible, and they contribute to all of you via excellent and exclusive deals on their software!

Optimize 3.0 is a program that I would recommend even if these folks weren’t a part of our team. It’s honestly that good. Optimize 3.0 is a powerful tool that does a lot to boost the speed, stability and security of your computer.

You can schedule Optimize remotely to run on any computer in the World that you have access to. Use it to kill unneeded processes that eat up memory and CPU cycles, which in turn speeds up your boot times! Optimize automatically gets rid of junk files for you, to reduce excessive hard drive clutter.

PC Pitstop has now introduced a new (and still free!) product that is going to blow away previous offerings they’ve had. PC Matic is a single piece of software that combines FIVE of their other programs into one nice scanning bundle!

PC Matic includes Optimize 3.0, Disk MD, Driver Alert, Exterminate and OverDrive!! By running a simple scan using PC Matic, you’ll receive easy-to-understand reports about your computer, including:

  • High and Low Threat Security
  • Fragmentation Analysis
  • Drivers
  • Junk Files
  • System Specs
  • Internet Tweaks
  • World Rank
  • Registry Tests

One other awesome feature to point out is that all of the scan and clean results are stored on the PC PitStop servers. They can be viewed from any computer, not just the computer on which the functions were performed. The results can also be sent to you via email, in order to easily manage all of your computers from one place.

The bottom line is that we couldn’t continue doing what we do without the help of our partners, such as PC PitStop. We appreciate each and every one of you, and the support you give to our community as a whole.

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Are You Ready for the Holidays?

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and Christmas is but a few weeks away? I was aghast yesterday when I walked into a store that was playing Christmas carols… until I realized what the date was. Holy crap where did the year go? I haven’t even started to think about holiday shopping yet, never mind actually DOING any shopping.

After I had my little panic attack, I sat down to check out what was going on around out community. Low and behold… people are talking about the upcoming festivities. They’re figuring out what to cook with their turkeys, and what the hottest new gifts are for this year. Geez I’m way behind, aren’t I?

I was happy as hell to see that the holidays aren’t the only thing that people are chattering about. Thankfully, I found many interesting and informative blogs and threads on a huge variety of topics to keep me busy… and to get my mind back OFF of the holiday season. I’m just not ready quite yet!

Every day we bring you the newest and hottest software deals that we can find. Make sure you check back every day so that you don’t miss a single deal!

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Vipre Protects Your Computer From Malware

There used to be the belief that if one stays away from “bad” Web sites, then malware is not a problem. That is not true, as a recent example with the New York Times illustrated. The popular news Web site was compromised, and the trusted site was serving up malicious ads:

The malicious ad took over the browsers of many people visiting the site, as their screens filled with an image that seemed to show a scan for computer viruses. The visitors were then told that they needed to buy antivirus software to fix a problem, but the software was more snake oil than a useful program.

Exploiting weaknesses in online ad systems is an increasingly common approach for computer criminals around the globe who hope to make a quick buck from the audiences of the sites they attack. Experts say the problem is likely to get worse as companies scramble to satiate a click-happy online culture.”

This is just one way in which criminals / hackers are becoming exceedingly creative in exploiting site visitors. No reputable software company would market products in this manner, but the criminals are relying on the trust that people have in the site.

There have been malware installations without the site visitors having to do anything. These are the so called ‘drive-by’ downloads, and just visiting the site puts one at risk. No click – or download – is necessary.

It is absolutely essential to be running an anti-virus and anti-spyware program. One of our recommendations is VIPRE from Sunbelt Software. It is effective without draining your computer of resources. VIPRE’s memory footprint is very small, and this has brought a lot of memory back to otherwise bogged-down machines.

Sunbelt Software is offering our readers a 20% saving on VIPRE. This offer is good until November 18, 2009.

VIPRE works with “Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista+ (All flavors) 32 and 64-bit, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP SP1, SP2, SP3 (Home, Pro, Media Center, Tablet) 32 and 64-bit and Windows 2000 SP4 RollUp 1.” And yes, it works with Windows 7, too.

The Sunbelt people are making a generous offer to protect all the computers in your home. It is a “home site license” which allows using the program on more than one computer. There is a discount for this “home site license,” and it’s just a huge saving for our readers.

We have worked with the people at Sunbelt for years. They work diligently to keep up with what is happening with computer security. It is a ‘cat-and-mouse’ game where criminals are trying to exploit people in creative and innovative ways. The people at Sunbelt keep up with what is happening and this is reflected in their security product. Many Gnomies use this program… and we recommend it.

Identity Theft Protection

There are items in the news every day about identity theft. The obvious consequence is an unexpected financial disaster. However, it can be worse. There can be crimes committed under a stolen identity and warrants issued for the person who has had his/her identity used. And yet, it can be worse.

Identity theft can be a matter of health and well being. Along with identity theft being a rapidly expanding crime, stolen medical services are increasing. That means that someone uses a stolen identity to obtain medical care. Besides the obvious financial consequences, it can be deadly to the person who has had his/her identity used.

Once a identity is used for medical services, there will be an electronic record. The modern day goal is to have that medical record available to any physician who is treating that person. That means national access. Imagine the health consequences if the electronic medical records are wrong because someone has stolen and used an identity. The consequences can be disastrous.

A common means of identity theft is through your computer and through your passwords. A breach of your password (or passwords) just creates a myriad of problems. To maintain the security of passwords for our readers, Identity Protector with Password Manager from Large Software is recommended.

Wait. Before you say that you don’t need any password manager, here is one of the reasons why we are recommending this program. For the sake of an example, there are some websites that you might visit regularly. Let’s use PayPal. Imagine the damage that an identity thief can do with your PayPal data.
You think that you are careful and savvy but the hackers / criminals who spoof websites such as PayPal are experts at what they do. And regardless of how careful you are, there are times when you are rushed or tired or distracted. Identity thieves bank on these lapses. And some of the phishing websites are identical to the genuine sites. At a quick glance, it becomes impossible to tell the difference from spoofed sites and the genuine sites. Gone are the days of sloppy coding and spelling errors.

What an excellent password manager should do is protect you from phishing sites. The password manager should NOT release your personal data if the site is not legitimate and has been spoofed.

Identity Protector with Password Manager from Large Software does just that. It secures your logins, hides your keystrokes and encrypts your passwords. Password Manager protects your identity and is a significant extra layer of security from phishing attempts. It is a guard from identity theft.

Large Software is giving our visitors a special offer. Until November 4, 2009, Large Software is offering a ten dollar ($10.00) discount on Identity Protector with Password Manager. This is a third off of their regular price and an exceptional price for this outstanding security product.

Password Manager operates with ALL programs and web browsers, including Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox…. With the security issues with browsers, it is simply too risky to allow a browser to hold your confidential password information. Phishing, spoofing and other identity theft methods are becoming much more sophisticated in separating you from your password information. Protect yourself.

At this point, you might say that identity theft isn’t going to happen to you. The recent data from Australia says one in five people are identity theft victims. And don’t say that you are not worried about this because you have no money to steal. You have a reputation. And you have a health record to protect.

Wine Coupons & Review of 2008 Mollydooker, The Boxer Shiraz

Maura DesimoneMaura Desimone has launched a new blog: My Wine Quest. Here is one of her first reviews…

Mollydooker the boxer

2008 Mollydooker, The Boxer Shiraz

Awarded 91 points by Wine Spectator

I had this fabulous wine at Jak’s Grill in Seattle. They were offering it as a special. It had a big, bold fruity start, then a great spicy taste. I was surprised it didn’t linger a bit longer, the finish was a bit abrupt. All in all, I liked it so much I had to find out more about it. I love the flavor & the price. It’s going on my list of keepers.

Here’s what’s in it: Australian Shiraz. Combining the regional flavours of grapes from McLaren Vale, Langhorne Creek and Padthaway.

$26/bottle retail

I’m rating it an 8!

You can purchase 2008 Mollydooker, The Boxer Shiraz at and don’t forget to use these coupons to save some money.


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Make Your Life Easier When Working With Text

If you are working with text material frequently on the computer, you really should consider a text editing program. One that we recommend is created by a long-time supporter of Lockergnome. It is an award-winning software program from Eric Fookes called NoteTab. This program has won numerous awards and it is recognized as one of the very best text and HTML editors available.

We are very careful to put programs that we recommend through a vigorous assessment process. We use it and have people with varying skill levels evaluate it for us. The assessment process for Eric’s program goes far beyond the normal review process. There are Gnomies we know who use this program every day for all their text editing – and they have used NoteTab for years. One long-time NoteTab fan likes using the multiple text document feature. Think of it as a text editor with a tabbed browsing feature. People are truly loyal to this program, and they would not be without their NoteTab.

Perhaps you have not been exposed to a great text editing program. You need a text editor because it is essential for organizing your work and, at the very elementary level, it saves you time. This probably has happened to you: on some email correspondence or blog comment, you spend time composing and putting down your thoughts in exactly the way that you want. You hit “send” or “post” and something (or nothing) happens. The browser tries to work… and then there is an error. All that work is gonelost! If you use a text editor, all you would do is go back to the text editor and copy your work again. Then you can try to paste it in the email or blog a second time – without having to rethink and redo the whole process again. A good text editor makes it easy to save all that work.

For the students out there, this will help you organize your term papers, lecture notes, and library research. This will help in pulling material together in an easy, simple, efficient manner. You know that even after a month of school, the material is becoming overwhelming. And if you are not the most organized person with your text material, this definitely will help.

There are really too many features to this program to mention adequately. It really is one of the best text and HTML editors available.

Eric is allowing our readers a special, time-limited discount on his programs:

This offer expires on October 14, 2009. NoteTab can be used on all Windows versions, as well as OS X / Linux in conjunction with Wine.

If you are doing text work, your editor should really be a tool that makes your work as easy as possible. NoteTab does that and you will find that it is the program that you will want to have when doing any writing.