Stepping Outside of Our Mental Boxes

What do you do for a living? Whether you’re a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker, or someone in between, you likely have thoughts and opinions about things that are outside the realm of whatever it is that brings home the bacon (Mmmm, bacon!), right?

Believe it or not, I actually do have interests outside of the tech realm (though, admittedly, I do often find ways to merge them with tech); once in a while, I may share them with you. You may not agree with me, and that’s fine, but if it actually offends you when I mention something not related to tech or overall geekery, try and be patient — with yourself as well as me — because we’re all really just trying to step outside of our mental boxes from time to time, aren’t we?

Just because your profession happens to center around one thing — and other people may not expect you to stray far from that paradigm — doesn’t mean that you should feel confined to it. I’d like to be among those who would encourage you to step outside of that stifling comfort zone every now and again to experience something different from life whenever you can. Perhaps you’ll be among those who would, likewise, encourage me to do the same?

Speaking of which… let’s live life! Here’s a little piece of ours.

Are We Doing It Wrong?

Is this what a vlog should be? Or are we doing it wrong?

Are kiwis better than peaches?

What do you want out of TLDR? Should it be longer? Shorter?

Did you know that tape dispensers could be cute?

If some of your soybeans are tougher than others, go cry to your edamame.

Oh! This just in: Diana eats squirrel brains. Or does she? You’ll have to watch this video to find out…

Dude Talks Like a Lady

People say that I have a high-pitched voice, but in today’s TLDR, I showed ’em just how high my voice could get. Glass shattered, puppies howled, neighbors phoned the police, and Diana told me to shut the hell up. Mission accomplished!

You say you weren’t able to tune in? It’s okay. It just gives me more time to practice my high-pitched lady voice for next time around. It ain’t over ’til the bespectacled lady-voiced guy sings. Registered Gnomies get special filtering software to avoid the hardships of resultant hearing loss.

Ewok Jerky For Strength

Air fresheners come in all sorts of wonderful and sometimes quite useless fragrances. Why don’t they make ones that smell like beef jerky? Molded plastic? old books? Sour candy? Bacon?

How about sushi? After all, who wouldn’t want their house to smell like raw fish?

Want to know why my childhood name was “Kit?” Watch the danged video and find out! What do I look like, here? Some kind of answerbot?

Thank You for Not Smoking Lip Balm

Smoking lip balm doesn’t make you glamorous. It doesn’t earn you the respect of your peers, whether they’re in the chess club or on the lacrosse team.

I don’t care if all the cool kids are doing it behind the gymnasium after school. Your lungs aren’t in more danger of being chapped than your lips, so put that protective coating where your mouth is. Literally. Smoking lip balm is for chumps. Wouldn’t you rather be a champ?

This has been a PSA by TLDR for the US, UK, HK, UAE, and other sovereign principalities whereby lip balm smoking has become an epidemic.