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What Is The Easiest Way to Make Money Online?

Maxwell Evans actually asked me:

Basically, I wanna know what the easiest way to make money online is. YouTube isn’t that easy, because you have to have so many subscribers and video views to become a partner.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this question is a joke. No matter how many times I – and many others – try to explain it, people still want to know how to make money quick and easy online. They have this false perception that they can just quit their jobs and work from home in a simple job that requires little effort but pays out a huge amount of cash. Well, here’s the secret answer you’re hoping for:


I could leave it at that, yes. But you know me – I just can’t help myself sometimes. There really is no “simple” way to do this, y’all. You’re going to have to WORK to earn money – just like with any other job or career. So what advice do I have? To make it short and sweet:

Figure out what you love to do and do well. Do your research to find out how you can turn that into something you can do online. Start small and then work your ass off – EVERY DAY – to build yourself, your brand and your community.

That’s “all” there is to it. End of story. Period.

PS – remember: if you’re doing what you love, it’s never “work,” anyways. ๐Ÿ™‚

What Do You Do With Old Gadgets?

This post is sponsored by eBay, but all opinions are completely mine โ€” so listen up!

One of our supporters asked:

Chris, what do you do with your old gadgets? I mean… do you hold onto them for nostalgic purposes, do you pass them off to family members and friends, or do you sell them?

I sell them. Friends & family usually have their own stuff they’re happy with. Nostalgia? No, not unless it’s a toy or something that I had as a child. If my devices are still in good shape, what’s the point of holding on to them once I’m “done” with them? There are others out there who would be very happy to get their hands on a slightly-used device at a lower cost than buying new, you know?

Did you know that you can easily sell your old phones to eBay? Why should you it in to your carrier or just let it sit in a forgotten corner of your house for the next few decades to be discovered by archaeologists generations from now? Make some of your money back, yo!

As human beings, we like to hoard things โ€” perhaps not to the degree that thereโ€™d be a television series devoted to our habits, but itโ€™s not an atypical behavior for our species. Voluntarily simplifying your life begins with paring down your possessions โ€” and that pile of old phones you have sitting around? Not cool. Sell it all off and forget about it! Move on.

Less is more. To expound from that thought: less old junk sitting around is more money in your pocket. Weigh your options, make the smart choice, and enjoy the sexy new you!

What Do You Do With Old Gadgets?

How Do You Implement a Business Idea?

Patron Andrew Meyers is curious about how to implement a business idea. You can become a Patron, too, and skip to the front of the line when it comes to getting your burning questions answered – either here on my blog or via a What Would You Do video!

What advise do you have for a person with a business idea that doesn’t know how to get started?

Figure out how you’re going to implement the idea.

Then try.

If you fail, it’s not necessarily that the idea was bad – but that your implementation was potentially shaky.

That’s it.

Even if you don’t know how to write a business plan, you could take in a million tutorials and still not have a good way of implementing your idea.

Start somewhere and figure it out – because your path isn’t going to be the same as someone else’s, even if your ideas are eerily similar.

Everybody has ideas. It’s the implementations that matter most.

How Do You Implement a Business Idea?

Do You Organize Your Work or Create off the Cuff?

Jason miller asked:

Do you story board your video ideas or use a daily to do list to keep you on point, or create off the cuff and go with the flow? I have always read you should learn from people who are more successful than you…

Rarely do I scratch things out ahead of time, but I could probably benefit from doing that for certain types of videos. It’s usually just easier (and more fun) for me to go with wherever my mouth takes me.

When it comes to daily collaboration with my team, though, we do tend to be much more organized. We have a Google Document which lays out the day’s social shares and articles. All three of us can easily add/remove things as items come across our radar or are finished already. We’re able to quickly see exactly what time a particular post will be shared and always know who is doing what – and when.

We’ve also begun using Trello to track sponsor deliverables and ideas for new videos and posts. I don’t sketch out the videos ahead of time, like I said… this is simply for topic ideas we come across or think up.

Even if you’re like me and do better creating off the cuff on your own, it’s crucial to have something in place to keep things organized when you’re working with a team. It’s taken a while to make everything gel, but it’s paid off in a big way. We work together better than ever – and the three of us have now worked together for many years. I couldn’t do what I do without them – and without YOU.

Do You Have a Normal Job?

Gary Whiteman asked:

Chris, do you get overwhelmed with not having a full time job like normal people?

Do You Have a Normal Job?I admit it: I first read this question very wrong. My mind snapped to: “OMG this person thinks I only work part time?” After that initial reaction, I realized he was asking me if I get overwhelmed because I work far more than full time!

It can be overwhelming at times, yes. If I didn’t have people helping me, there’s no way I’d manage. Both Kat and Bob have been with me for many years, and can anticipate what needs to be done even before I do at times. I rely on them every single day to keep the LockerGnome machine running smoothly!

It helps to absolutely love what I do. Yes, I may get sick of editing video. I may whine on occasion about having to trek across town for a meeting. But… these are momentary inconveniences. In the overall scheme of things, I LOVE WHAT I AM DOING! I get to surface and share the best content in the world with all of you. I get to connect with you in very real and personal ways all day long. Who wouldn’t love that?

So while it may seem as though I work far too much, when you love what you do it isn’t really work at all. ๐Ÿ™‚

How Do You Market Your Book?

Michael Dowis writes:

I just wrote and published a book (thank you for referring me to, by the way). What are some good ways to market or “get the word out” about my book?

How Do You Market Your Book?Here’s a secret: go to your community first!

Yup. It’s that simple. Talk to your friends, your family and your social circles. Explain why they need this book. Ask them to read it for free and leave a review wherever you’re selling (Amazon?). Think about how this book will help others — even if it’s just by giving them enjoyment — and share those ideas within the circles you’ve already established.

I know that many self-publishers send a complimentary copy to key people in the same industry, asking them nothing more than to read and enjoy. If they do enjoy it — and even learn from what you’ve written — they will go forth and spread the word without any prompt.

Consider a giveaway! Give your books away to a limited number of people. Ask for reviews. Reviews are a huge part of being able to market your book. Find like-minded groups on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn to join. And, yes, comment on blogs of those with similar interests, as well.

Have something great and/or new to teach others? Some people even book themselves speaking gigs based on their books! This is another great way to get the word out and sell more copies.

Frequently Asked Questions = Frequently Ignored Answers

Frequently Asked Questions = Frequently Ignored AnswersNo, I’m not going to bother writing an FAQ because it’s nothing more than an FIA at the end of the day. They’re a colossal waste of time. Inevitably, the person asking a frequently asked question isn’t bothering to look for a f**king FAQ.

For example, I could upload the exact same video every day for a year answering the “Will you still vlog after the baby is born,” and someone (in the comments) will inevitably ask if I’m still going to vlog after the baby is born.

It is always an immense help when the community jumps into a thread to address unambiguous questions I’ve already addressed because I can’t catch everything on YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, or Google+ (which is an awesome platform to use when you want to be bullied about your life choices that don’t involve a Google product or service).

How Can I Offer Exceptional Customer Service?

What’s on Sale writes:

I own my own business and, while it’s doing all right, I wish I knew how to retain my best customers. I know it’s just a matter of time before turnover goes past the point of no return and my business won’t be sustainable anymore. Any advice you can give?

While I’m not really exactly in the customer service field, per se, I know how it feels to have the attention of an audience stray no matter what you’re putting out there for ’em. All things considered, the dynamics probably aren’t all that different between customer service and entertainment: you’ve got to give the people what they want! The trouble? Not always knowing what that happens to be (heck, sometimes the customer/audience doesn’t know, either).

Perhaps we’d both benefit from reading this free e-book: 6 Secrets to Offering Exceptional Customer Service.

Fellowes AutoMax Shreds Identity Theft to Bits

Fellowes AutoMax Shreds Identity Theft to Bits
Company secrets are safe with the Fellowes AutoMax line of shredders. It can handle up to 20 gallons of documents — including paper clips, staples, DVDs, CDs, and even credit cards — without complaining about working overtime!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fellowes, Inc. for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

At a time when privacy seems like a myth as elusive as the fire-breathing thylacine or the sincere politician, identity theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes of the 21st century. Here are a few sobering statistics from a 2012 US Bureau of Justice study:

  • Approximately 7 percent of people over the age of 15 were identity theft victims.
  • In 85 percent of these incidents, already-existing information was used fraudulently (such as banking and credit card numbers).
  • While over half of identity theft victims were able to resolve associated problems in a day or less, 29% weren’t quite so lucky and spent a month or more trying to get life back to normal.
  • Aside from the expected financial and credit problems associated with identity theft, severe emotional distress and relationship problems often follow.

And that’s just looking at the problem on an individual level. When a company might literally have tons of documentation languishing in storage rooms for years for lack of a safe way to dispose of it all, the consequences of information theft are even higher. Can you trust the army of temps or vindictive ex-employees who have circulated through your office over the course of the last decade? You just never know.

But you don’t have to be a master of espionage with a license to kill (or at least fire) in order to keep your company’s valuable information secret and safe; you just need a Fellowes AutoMax 300C (300-sheet, 16-gallon capacity and 30-minute run time) or a Fellowes AutoMax 500C (500-sheet, 20-gallon capacity and continuous run time).

What’s so Special about the Fellowes AutoMax Line of Shredders?

You might be wondering what the heck is so special about the Fellowes AutoMax line of shredders that makes it better than any other run-of-the-mill shredder on the market, and that’s a fair question. Rather than giving you one answer, I’ll give you several:

  • Without having to prepare documents for shredding, the AutoMax’s Surefeed technology lets you throw up to 20 gallons of paper, staples, paper clips, glossy paper, double-sided color printed paper, crumpled paper, junk mail, multiple sheets folded over, and even DVDs, CDs, and credit cards in its bin, press a button, and leave it to do its job while you go do whatever it is that you humans do.
  • The JamGuard system is smart enough to refrain from biting off more than it can chew. You can walk away and trust that it’ll shred whatever you’ve put in its bin without choking and stopping every three minutes. When the AutoMax stops, it’s because it’s done with what you’ve given it and it’s ready for more! More!
  • Remember those pesky temps and vindictive ex-employees we mentioned above? The AutoMax has a SmartLock that allows only those you trust to access its hungry bin. Unauthorized personnel will have to do their snooping elsewhere!
  • In the belly of a Fellowes AutoMax, nobody can hear your documents scream. SilentShred keeps the potentially sizable din of shredding and mangling documents to a minimum so your officemates don’t have to endure loud noises!
  • And if SilentShred is still not silent enough for the liking of some of your more hearing-sensitive employees, the AutoMax has the ability to be programmed for a Delayed Start when nobody’s around.
  • Sleep Mode saves energy by shutting the AutoMax down after two minutes of inactivity.
  • Intuitive touch screen technology with back-lit LEDs ensures that nobody in your office has to spend hours learning how to use the thing. If you can reload a copy machine, you can operate the AutoMax.

If your company usually uses a shredding service to cut costs, you might want to consider the Fellowes AutoMax as a better option. Not only is it safer from a security standpoint to keep your shredding operations in house, but it’s actually quite a bit cheaper. Over the course of three years, an AutoMax 300C will save you about 55% of the cost of hiring a shredding service. That’s just smart business.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Have a look at the ways that the Fellowes AutoMax line of shredders will make your business operate more securely and efficiently!

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