Calphalon Vs. Teflon Cookware

For Mother’s Day, Ponzi and I picked up a small set of cookware for my mom – who had earlier noted that her pots and pans weren’t perfect. Mom was a bit concerned that the non-stick coating was a health hazard, and did more research with the company:

I talked to Calphalon today and the non-stick surface is different from Teflon. Teflon uses a certain chemical in their non-stick that could cause health problems. Calphalon does not use this chemical. I still have to use non metal utensils and hand wash the pots/pans but I really like all their other features. My cookware is really “Simply” but under Target’s brand is “Essentials”.

BTW, if your Everyday pan is the gray outer color (not stainless steel or enamel, etc) it should be hand washed too as the dishwasher soap could cause a “reaction” on the anodized surface. Also the Everyday is probably has a non stick inner surface too so don’t use metal on it. If you go into Calphalon’s website, there is a really good comparison chart under Products, Products Catalog, Cookware, Infused Anodized.

What kind of cookware do you use?