Buying a Great PC / Gaming Rig for Under $1,000

Aaron proved me wrong:

I enjoy your videos, but I have to take issue with your claim on video chat recently that the caller couldn’t get good gaming rig for under $1,000. There’s a bunch of desktops at this link that are under $1000 and that have serious power. Core i7 processors (quad cores), great graphics cards, etc. Here’s a list of gaming rigs for under $1,000.

Hell, even the MSI laptop I’m looking at getting for myself for $950 is capable of playing modern games at fairly high-detail levels and resolutions. I noticed that before you answered the guy’s question, you said you were only a casual gamer… so, all I’m saying is that your perception of how much it costs to game might be a little out of date.

I guess if you want to stay on the absolute bleeding edge of gaming… maybe it’d cost more than $1,000. Or if you want e-penis bragging rights, you’ll want to spend more than $1,000. And certainly in the old days, it used to cost big bucks to game. But to claim it costs $2,000 these days to get a gaming PC just isn’t true.

So, was I wrong? Would you buy a PC for gaming at $1,000 and be satisfied?