“Breaks my heart every time. My man's holding a priceless musical recording, only one in the world like it… and he smashes it to pieces, right on live TV! It'll make you cry.” That's the first result on MSN if you search for “butterfingers.” The video has been on countless blooper shows and desktops the world over (including Jay Leno and Countdown with Keith Oberman). I bet you've got it on your hard drive right now, too! It's actually reconnected me with old friends – as they've seen it being played on someone else's screen. Do you want to know the truth behind the video?
I don't know. Seriously.
It was just a short bit from my 18-hour Helpathon, from which I made much funnier / memorable moments. If it was staged, I didn't know about it… if it was real, I didn't know about it. Did my producer tell me the truth after all was said and done? I'll never tell. :) Thanks to MSN FOUND for ressurecting another piece of my past.