Be a Good YouTube Commenter!

Mrivera1 is a regular in our Live Community. He sent me the following email to pass along to you all:

I have been part of the YouTube community since August, 2006. During that time, I have watched over 5000 videos, and I have made over 200 comments on various videos, and I have even started developing my own YouTube channel more. Because I am on YouTube all the time, I have become quite well educated in the idea of “YouTube Etiquette.” that is, the idea of being a respectful member of the YouTube community. I have also noticed that some people don’t like to leave good comments (the meaning of good not in the positive sense, but in the respectful sense) on videos. So, as you (Chris) have become somewhat of a YouTube guru (with 1000+ videos and thousands of subscribers), I think your YouTube channel would be the best way for me to get the message out.

  • Don’t personally attack the person who made and/or posted the video! Ever heard of the saying: If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say it at all? Personally attacking the person who made the video via comments is probably the worst thing you can do to a person on YouTube. Derogatory comments are very inappropriate and they don’t improve your image at all on YouTube. In fact they will make people DISLIKE you on an unbelievable level, as such activities are very cowardly. Such comments can even get you banned from commenting ever again.
  • Don’t curse in the comment section! Language is probably the ultimate sign of the intelligence of the person who is making the comment (i.e. YOU). Good language signifies a smarter person who actually knows how to think before speaking. Bad language signifies someone who has no self control, and someone who doesn’t get the idea of cursing as being a less than appropriate thing to do. So, in a nutshell, don’t curse, unless you really don’t want to be considered a smarter YouTube member.
  • Leave comments relevant to the video you are making! How many times have you seen a comment that has nothing to do with the video, or is just one or two words long? Such comments are a pet peeve of mine and of many other people. If you cannot post a decent video comment that has something to do with the video and is at least a sentence long, then don’t comment at all! Such comments are a big waste of space on the comments page. Oh, and never, never, never, NEVER leave first, second, third, etc. types of comments. They are annoying and can make you look bad.
  • Don’t use the video comments list as a message board! The comments list is there for you to leave comments, but not to start whole topics of discussion! Don’t argue, debate, etc… in the comments list! If you want to start a discussion or debate, then go join a message board, or maybe an IRC service (WyldRyde is one), as those are more appropriate places to hold discussions, but not in the YouTube comments list. That includes stuff that is on the same topic as the video you are watching as well as stuff that is completely off topic. Most people try to get others to argue just for the fun of it, but it isn’t funny at all.
  • Don’t spam or talk about heinous/illegal things in the comments list! Spamming or talking about illegal things is unacceptable on YouTube. Usually, such comments will be deleted, but thousands more are not. Such activity is very childish, and is of course, frowned upon by the community! This kind of stuff can also get you banned from commenting as well, so don’t do it!