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I'm Drowning In My Tears

My wife finally has her own blog. I just woke up, came upstairs, and she's written umpteen thousand paragraphs about the dream(s) she had last night. Boy, this is going to be real fun. Aren't you glad I unleashed the power of the blog to her? Or, you… as the case might be.

The only thing I can remember from my dream last night was meeting Eugene Levy. He kept making false graves for his friends. And… please, would someone shut this fellow up – I'm drowning in my tears.

No Time Like The Present

It's high time I started my own blog. I launched Lockergnome's Bits & Bytes on Blogger, but found it missing personality. Technology is my life, but every once in a while I gotta use a word like 'boobie' or 'poop.' And you just can't do that in Lockergnome, sadly.

Following the advice of a Gnomie (and a link from Leoville), I downloaded and installed the free Movable Type personal content / blog management system on Lockergnome's server. It's very nice so far! I wasn't terribly impressed with the default page template, but at least I can create and manage more than one account. MT creates a “syndication ready” XML document automatically, and can be notified of new posts as they are uploaded – but I still can't parse RSS feeds to stream headlines on the site.