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Sweet Blogging Resources

David Gagne is welcoming me to the wonderful world of blogging. A long time ago, he was a Lockergnome subscriber (I like to call 'em Gnomies). He re-discovered my newsletter when I launched this blog the other day and it was listed on Nice! Anyway, you might get a kick out of these links:

I noticed you have a collection of webCams on your site. If
you're interested, way back in the early days I created the MetaCamPage. It's got a bunch of cams
rolling. Some of them are probably no longer active, but there is a link
there to blogView, which is an even better cam filter that Dan of Danelope
created. I'm sure you'll think that's pretty cool.

You mentioned looking for blogs. Well… have you seen blogTracker
yet? Dan (of BrainLog, hence, BrainDan) created it a long time ago. It
was originally called “the subhonker filter.” It's probably the single most
valuable resource a blogger can have for staying on top of his favorite
blogs. In fact, I just added your site to my blogTracker so I will always
know when you've written something new! (blogTracker runs off the XML feed).

Inbox (Darren DeMeulenaere)

Thought you might appreciate this news, or be mad about it like I am. It is
more the principle of the matter then the money. Over the New Year,
CompUSA had a cool sale on a 50 pack of CD-R 24x 80min CDs. They were
charging $19.99, with an instant $6.00 off at the register – with a mail-in
rebate for $14.00. Thereby making the CDs free, which is how CompUSA
advertised it. While I was reading the rebate terms and conditions, I
noticed a little verbage stating that the rebate can not be more the the
purchase price. Since my purchase price with the instant $6.00 off made my
total $13.99, I have a feeling that I will not be getting my rebate.
It upsets me to know that they purposefully did this to get people to buy their
product. I sent a note stating my feelings, but I am not holding my breath [for a resonse].
Thanks for letting me vent.

Why am I not surprised? While it remains to be seen whether or not the rebate will come, it wouldn't be the first time I've heard of such a situation. You should always read the fine print. It's so fine. Du lang, du lang, du lang.

Popping Hotmail

Damnit. I just logged into Hotmail to use its POP3 retrieval service. Well, I thought I had configured my Lockergnome account to keep the messages on the server, but apparently Hotmail didn't feel like keeping my settings. Oh well. There was nothing too terribly important in there, anyway. I'll just have to forward half the stuff back to chris @ That'll be one hour of productivity down the drain. Thank you, Microsoft.

IMAP rules.

Senseless Blogrolling

Must find more blogs. I've got waaaaaay too much time to kill in the hours before my show. Well, not every day – but today oughta be a cake walk. I'm suddenly reminded of something my mom always said: “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” She also used to say: “Get your hands out of the [bleep]ing cookie jar.”

Andrews is also lamenting the fall of KRON. Winer gives me another reason not to like Steve Jobs.
Branscum is still on walkabout.
Weinberger thought that Doc stealing my wife's “bloginity” was funny material. I'm debating on whether or not I should change my nickname to the Bloggergnome. How many other words can we bloggify.
Laporte has MT up and running. A sticky cookie was causing him problems in IE.
Did I already mention that Apple sucks?

Cam thinks I could make money with Spam. Yeah, but can I make it $$$ FAST $$$ ?
Wheaton has a story that'll keep you from doing what you shouldn't be doing.
Where have all the children gone?

Hi. My name is Matt. I promised to update my blog for you. Right now, I'm too busy fending off Apple lawyers who keep me from speculating about their upcoming products. They'll be the Deatherage of me.

Morning Sickness

These people are funny. It can't be less than 50 degrees outside right now, but half the CFH crew is complaining about how it's “freezing.” If your breath doesn't turn into ice when you exhale, it's not cold. If your face doesn't hurt after five minutes of being in the elements, it's not cold. If you only need one layer of clothes to feel comfortable when you're walking to work, it's not cold. What I wouldn't give for some slush right about now.

Cool stuff lined up for the show today. I'm showing folks how to create stationery in Outlook Express. I guess I should start out with a plain ASCII message, step through the stationery creation wizard, and then show viewers how they can save incoming HTML messages as stationery. If none of this makes sense, you should tune in for the full skinny.

There's no call off the top scheduled yet, but we've got a really cool consumer reporter coming in for a “returning gifts” segment. Lightning round today, and (if we're lucky) we'll do the bonus tip, too. The show doesn't seem as packed as it usually is, but we were pretty busy in the weeks before the Holidays. Yesterday's show was weird. They ran a promo for CFH while we were airing it! That was… surreal.

By the way, I'm composing this entry on my HP Jornada 565 (Pocket PC). And there's no way I'd be doing it without a Targus Stowaway; my stylus is sitting still beside this portable keyboard. I also happen to be connected to a Wi-Fi network here on the 3rd floor of my office building, so as soon as I press the SAVE button, you'll be able to read what I've written. No wires. No joke.


Today, interesting rumors about Episode II were confirmed. After almost 3 weeks of speculation that was easily dismissed as totally impossible, the original rumors about a new cameo were confirmed. N'Sync will appear in Episode II.

Hey George – you need a [bleeping] vacation! I find your lack of sensibility disturbing; don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed. I've got a bad feeling about this.

.NET Passport Security

Because Microsoft recognizes the importance of security and reliability when using Internet software, we have now made available free browser security upgrades to better protect your online information.

It told me that I was safe and there was nothing more I had to do “at this time.” But at the rate at which new Microsoft software vulnerabilities are being discovered, I'll be visiting their 'security' scanner more than I'll be updating this blog.

The Boob Tube

On New Year's Day, our local NBC affiliate (KRON 4) dropped its affiliation with NBC, leaving me peacockless for the time being. Thankfully, I haven't shown any signs of withdrawal – yet. Still, I have nowhere to turn if I want to watch fresh broadcasts of Friends or Frasier. People with cable providers have been given an alternative station, but I've got a silly little DirecTV satellite that doesn't (to my knowledge) pull in local stations for free. This is San Francisco, folks. We're on the bleeding edge of technology. Problem is: we keep picking at the scabs.

Gretchen wants me to help her write 'thank you' notes for all the Christmas cards (and presents) we received this season. I'm more interested in watching a rerun of Voyager. It's a 7 of 9 episode, and those (by law) must never be missed. Of course, I don't watch television like a normal person. I stare at the screen (read: the computer screen) while the boob tube does its thing beside me. What the hell did I do with my time before the Internet came along?