I’d Take a ChromeOS Tablet Over an Android Tablet

I’ve used plenty of Android tablets, and… I’m ready for a full-on, lightweight, super-affordable ChromeOS tablet (not a convertible touchscreen ChromeOS laptop, either).

I believe the product is inevitable – and could very well outsell and outshine the promise of Android tablets. Why?

  1. ChromeOS is already touchscreen-aware and can be further optimized for touchscreens.
  2. ChromeOS is updated regularly by Google themselves and is pushed to ChromeOS devices near-immediately. We all know the story of Android OS fragmentation, Google Play Services abstraction notwithstanding.
  3. Android apps that look optimal on tablet screens are largely MIA. Whatever’s in the Chrome web browser on Android usually looks spectacular, however.
  4. Android apps have already been shown to be able to work on ChromeOS.
  5. Third-party optimizations and modifications have been minimal in the ChromeOS device experiences I’ve had. I’ll always prefer that approach.
  6. Chromebooks are taking off for all the right reasons, but tablets can be readily “converted” into laptop’esque machines with the connection of a Bluetooth keyboard.
  7. Webassembly. Yes, it was just announced – so, yes, it’s a few years off, but… suddenly, my wish doesn’t look to be so outlandish for the average user.

I’m a fan of choice.