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All-Access TLDR: Monday, January 18, 2016

3 Reasons that Legends is not Star Wars Canon

Star Wars Soap – So You Don’t Smell Like…

Latest Podcast: 3 Things to Watch Out For in The Force Awakens

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Today’s Geeky Deal: IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light 15% Off

Tomorrow’s Deal: 88% Off Stencyl Training: Games for Any Platform with No Coding Required!

Star Wars Deals: They’re in the Bag!

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Today’s Let’s Play: Star Wars Battlefront: Supremacy Sorosuub Centroplex 2

Today’s Blast from the Past: Growing Up Geek

Today’s Vlog: Candy Victory! (Vlog 1363)

Today’s Tweet: Internet Seconds of Fame

Today’s Photo Fun: Do You Want to Build a Snoke, Man?
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