When a New Version Doesn’t Matter

Hello, My Gnomies!

Today, Google rolled out a new version of Google+ for the masses who have been clamoring for it ever since they can’t remember signing up for an account in the first place. The new focus is on communities and collections – features we haven’t been able to create or manage anywhere else until now.

If you sense a bit of sarcasm in my tone, you’re probably paying attention.

Google has never understood social media dynamics, and they never hired the right people to help them figure it out, either. What do you expect from the group that continues to believe a “Dislike” button should continue to exist? You don’t keep something around simply because it’s always been there, and you certainly don’t hand over a gesture of destruction to “people” who can’t even be trusted to use a spell checker.

I had hope for Google+ at one point, but that optimism was eventually steamrolled by the absolute worst of Google’s community outright. If you don’t use Google for everything, you don’t belong there, you never belonged there, and you won’t ever be fully welcomed there.

I still have to use Google+ regularly (as it’s the only way to block people from continuing to drag down YouTube comment threads with their boorish behavior).

And, even if I didn’t think they might eventually kill the “social layer” like they have so many other promising projects, they expect me to trust them with building a community on their turf?

Chris “I Don’t Think So” Pirillo

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