All Quiet on the Battlefront

Hello, My Gnomies!

Hours before I happen to unbox my Darth Vader Limited Edition Battlefront PS4, I was playing Battlefront with early access on my Xbox One. If you haven’t heard enough about Battlefront already, just wait until the game is officially released tomorrow.

You might not think it’s a big deal, but my feeling is that it’ll be one of the larger video game releases this year – Star Wars theme notwithstanding. Certainly, I’ve been enjoying playing as some of my favorite classic characters lately. But before you go thinking that I’m abandoning my inner kidult, I’m also sitting in front of a fresh stack of figures from Hasbro (which I unboxed live on Facebook this evening).

I’m still not much of a fan of first person shooters (or weaponry, vehicles in general).

Though I could find myself getting lost in a series of mazes and maps, it seems that I can’t weather more than an hour at a time (which is when fatigue seems to set in without warning). I’ve been good at broadcasting most of my adventures, though – just in case I do something that’s worth remembering.

Which is everything, right?

Chris “And Now for Something Completely Same” Pirillo

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