Out with the Old, in with the OLED

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I’ve been living with the same set of HDTVs for almost a decade now – each one of them driven by plasma, each one of them topping out at a paltry 720p. That was the best we could do at the time, and I never felt the need to rush out and get a 1080p set when they first became available.

New home TV hardware doesn’t do you much good unless you have a regular array of content that might take advantage of it, too. Of course, now that I’m up to my ears in 1080p video, the world is starting to push 4K down the pike.

Recently, LG reached out to me and asked if I’d like to watch Star Wars on one of their new OLED screens. It wasn’t a trick question either – they were serious. Would I be willing to watch Star Wars again – this time, with the blacks being truly black? I didn’t hesitate to agree to the terms of a review unit. So, now I have to watch Star Wars again. Life is tough.

It arrived this morning, and Erich (who helps process a lot of the media we push out these days) came over to help me get things set up – after we dismantled the old mount that had been in place from near the beginning of the old TV’s initial illumination. Six hours later, we were experiencing one of the more breathtaking screens our eyes had ever seen.

I suppose if we were going to upgrade a perfectly-operating plasma HDTV, it would be to this kind of OLED technology – quite a leap (720p to 4K, 2D to possible 3D, 42 to 55 inches, thick to thin, power hungry to higher energy savings, et al).

The only thing we weren’t able to do is get the wiring into the wall – due to a short, attached power cable and difficulty in predicting distance before affixing the mount onto the studs. I should say the “beams” in this case, so that you don’t confuse my use of “studs” (not referring to Erich and myself).

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