Streaming the Dream

Hello, My Gnomies!

I’ve had a Twitch account for a while, never really knowing how it would fit into the grander scheme of a day.

Then, late last night, I finally got around to fully connecting that Xbox One and getting the early access of Battlefront downloaded & installed. You’ve probably already watched my reaction video to initial gameplay (spoiler alert: that moment of awe is linked elsewhere in this update).

Seeing just how simple it was to get going with a game broadcast, I finally decided to make use of that Twitch account for the first time: – and where it goes from here is really not up to me so much as it’s up to seeing if the community would watch and interact there with regularity.

A platform with great engagement tools (outright) is benign; if nobody’s spending time making use of that tool, it’s pointless to keep it polished.

I’d imagine a new dream would be to wake up in the morning, roll into a studio, and begin to stream some kind of Star Wars (or “retro”) game. So many experiences could turn idea into a nightmare, however – and I plan on treading cautiously.

As soon as I take a shower tonight, because… well, I was too busy playing video games to worry about personal hygiene. You should be grateful that smell cannot be transmitted over the Internet. Yet.

Chris “If Only I Could Play to Work” Pirillo

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