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We're inching closer to the event that every geek has been waiting for all year. At least, every geek that I happen to communicate with on a regular basis.

Of course, I'm referring to Force Friday - what event did you think I was talking about? September 9th for the next set of Apple announcements? No, that's pretty routine - and we all know that consumer tech loses value very quickly, no matter who is making it.

So, then, why would Force Friday be more important than anything (ANYTHING) that Apple might be sending out to the world soon?

I have an emotional attachment to Star Wars (and, specifically, my Star Wars figures). That's a positive emotional attachment, mind you. The typical emotional attachment I have with tech these days is "frustration" - and that's not positive, is it?

Tech tools are just that - tools (a means to an end). Non-electronic toys, on the other hand, are often pieces of plastic that just are there to admire, play with, or showcase indefinitely without ever having to worry about them going out of style.

To put it to you another way: if you're still impressed (by current standards) with the smartphone you used 5 years ago today, I don't think you understand just how fast the tech industry moves.

Chris "Laying Down the Indisputable Truth" Pirillo

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