Getting Back into the Vinyl Groove

Hello, My Gnomies!

Yes, I actually own vinyl - does that surprise you? Two record albums came as a bonus for supporting one of my favorite bands of all time. Of course, I don't yet have an actual record player. Then again, I can't remember a time in my life when I'd ever purchased any kind of record player for myself (or for anybody else).

I wasn't trying to be sly by suggesting that one should always go over-the-top to support their favorite creators so much as I was trying to excuse my recent non-incommunicadoness. Yes, I just made up that word because it fits the situation perfectlish.

I've been quite active on social, and - of course - regular with the #GeekFather vlogs. If you haven't heard from me, it's not that I haven't been busy busting my virtual hump. The third VloggerFair event has now come and gone over the weekend, and I'm steadily getting back to doing what I regularly do. Even though I think that what I regularly do seems to shift every six months due to industry changes well beyond my control.

I was producing an event and still bending over backwards (metaphorically) for my patrons - giving them insight that I haven't really shared with anybody else because... sometimes, what I say is worth more than free.


Chris "Friday Feels Like a Monday" Pirillo

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A Small Taste of What You Missed at Our "Vlogger Day"

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TLDR: iPhone Rumors & Irrelevant Specs

TLDR: Oversharing, Tech Abuse, & Geeky Weight Loss

Q&A: Might Metal Give Rise to Mac Gamers?

Q&A: Can Vulcan Transform Android Gaming?

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