It’s a Three-Ring Zoo in Seattle Now

Hello, My Gnomies!

Did you miss me? Did you even know I was to be missed, but not really missing (because I'm really still here and have been far from silent in social over the past few days)?

Well, you should be seeing me on Friday's Nightline show (on the ABC network). Yes, I'm coming back to television ever-so-briefly to speak to my particular area of interest. They asked if I would be able to talk to them about the business of social video. Of course!

And today, of all days, is the day that we're rebooting the vlog. What was once known as the "Pirillo Vlogs" is now going to be seen as #GeekFather - which is a hashtag that anybody can use. I'm not the only geek father out there, after all. I figured: why not start something special that more people could participate in?

Oh, yes - and tomorrow's Vlogger Day (leading into the weekend of VloggerFair here in Seattle). This would explain why I've not had a ton of spare cycles to post updates beyond what

Chris "Passion is a Fashion" Pirillo

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