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Hello, My Gnomies!

While "Smaller is Bigger" has been my mantra for at least a year and a half now, the rest of the galaxy appears to be stuck in the opposite lane. I'm still far more inclined to produce an event that brings together 1,000 passionate creators than an event that brings together 10,000 people who are ambivalent (at best).

That's what's happening with VloggerFair this year, by the way - in Seattle next weekend. You're still invited, too. I tried to produce another tech-specific event, but the community for that idea has seemingly moved on.

They say you are what you eat, but are you also what you do?

If this is true, my future endeavors should be honed to support my fellow content producers - because there are still a few of us left to serve those who look forward to seeing what we share on a daily basis.

The tech content? Obviously, that's happening every weekday (currently, through most of my Patreon links) - but isn't it more interesting to have discussions around how tech influences our lives rather than tech for tech's sake?

Chris "Passion is a Fashion" Pirillo

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