Does Tech Make You Lazy?

Hello, My Gnomies!

It's nice to have goals, but it's difficult to be in the position of wanting to achieve a goal after you've achieved it before. Such is the situation I find myself in wanting to shed a few bits of fat. I've done it before, but am in the process of doing it again.

Thanks to the Apple Watch, a free health monitoring app, daily activity, and adjusted caloric intake, I've gone (again) from 165 to 153 in a month and a half. I thank the Apple Watch not for being amazing, but for giving me the impetus to do something again. I thank Periscope for helping the workout time fly.

But owning the tech outright didn't do anything for me. That's like buying a screwdriver and expecting that your house is going to repair itself. In fact, I went from 156 in April (when I got the Apple Watch) to around 165 near the end of June when I decided to do something about it.

My goal is to go lower and maintain - but to do that, I'll be focusing on the daily interaction with you via the daily live video streams (which are largely used to gather tech questions for me to address in the day's TLDR).

Why do we do this to ourselves, really? Why do we reach our full potential, only to fall back to where we were when we realized we needed to be in a different place?

Chris "I'm Such a Sisyphus" Pirillo

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