Isn’t Tech Supposed to be a Time Saver?

Hello, My Gnomies!

Okay, so Monday has now come and gone (and I'm closer to getting myself back on schedule). This includes a few bouts of insomnia, an extra cup of coffee, and last-minute preparations for our upcoming event next week in Seattle.

I assume you're joining me at VloggerFair THIS year, since you haven't been at earlier events? Well, even if you can't make it - we're working on a way to do it again (and again).

I spent the greater part of this morning on various phone calls, meetings, and doing other boring / routine things - like updating apps, drinking an extra cup of coffee, and... did I already mention the coffee thing already?

Oh, yes - and my daughter Jedi is still calling me "Bah."

Chris "Joker of All Trades" Pirillo

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