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Hello, My Gnomies!

If you’re paying attention (which, by the way, usually doesn’t cost anything - unless you’re supporting my endeavors by becoming a patron and getting 60 exclusive tech videos every month)… anyway, if you’re STILL paying attention, you may have noticed that we showcased our daughter crawling for the first time in both the vlog channel and on my Facebook page yesterday.

I also linked you to the video in yesterday’s newsletter - so, if you scrolled past that link, you should train your finger not to be so active. Take a look at what I’m sharing with you - there’s usually a good reason I take the time to do this near-daily.

Scroll slower, crawl faster, and think forward.

That last part was covered during my evening meal at a local pub tonight with a fellow geek; without much planning, I babbled my way through describing a cogent game plan for the future of LockerGnome (covering both our online and relatively-disconnected event efforts, tying them together in a way that I hadn’t considered before).

My cohesive approach will be in continuing to deliver value to those who support it, as well as enabling and empowering other content creators and tech-challenged entrepreneurs.

Chris “I Forgot to Play by the Rules" Pirillo

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