Everybody’s Reinstalling Windows for the Weekend

Hello, My Gnomies!

Saturday night's all right for writing - get a little action in. Even though (technically speaking) I'm compiling this missive this in the early morning hours for you. Yes, I consider anything south of noon as "early." Not a single human being noticed that I totally forgot to send this update out to everybody yesterday, either. Or, maybe you did notice and decided to not say anything about it?

While all of you weekend warriors are spending time playing outside or playing inside, I'm playing with the inevitability of turning 42 tomorrow.

Yes, I'll finally know the answer to life, the universe, and everything in less than twenty-four hours.

Some have said that you get wiser with age, so I'm looking forward to the moment tomorrow when I can reflect upon this time on the earth and think: "Gee, you've made some monumentally stupid mistakes - it's a wonder you're still able to do the things you're doing today."

Yours Digitally,

Chris "Never Worked Harder" Pirillo

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