The Gnomedex Event for Geeks & Nerds is Coming Back

The Gnomedex Event for Geeks & Nerds is Coming BackI can’t believe I’m blogging this.

People still read these things?

Even with the pathetic state of 1% organic Facebook engagement these days, I still reach more there than here.

Anyway… yes, Gnomedex is getting rebooted.

I was honestly surprised to see just how much attention that “news” generated today from the few people who remembered the event in its later years — which is why I’m going to try to better explain what’s going on with it.

  1. Gnomedex always had a chance of coming back, but its scope had been supplanted by similar (and free) events happening regularly all around the world — and nobody can compete with TedX. I couldn’t keep doing it as it was done in its later years — not when every year was a series of Sisyphean tasks for me.
  2. I had launched VloggerFair two years ago with the idea of doing it much like we had done the first Gnomedex event (which very few remember). VloggerFair is now going into its third year, though its demographic is decidedly different from the Gnomedex demo. However, VloggerFair was made in the original spirit of Gnomedex and found success with family and lifestyle YouTubers. I’ll embed an example of what VloggerFair is in a bit for you to see.
  3. Gnomedex will be happening in Seattle later this year — most likely autumn, and quite possibly on Halloween weekend (which, I believe, could be perfect for reasons I’ll attempt to explain).
  4. Gnomedex will be more like a VloggerFair for geeky and nerdy social video influencers (YouTube and the like) and their respective communities. I’ve already reached out to a few of them for initial interest and they’re definitely interested — though I’ve not yet connected with everybody I want to connect with for participation. Everybody would certainly be invited!
  5. Gnomedex is likely NOT going to be a conference-style event. It’s more like a fair, a festival, a truly fun / interact-with-everyone-there kind of event that I’ve never seen happen for geeks and nerds like me. Again, watch some of the video I’ll embed below for an idea.
  6. Gnomedex isn’t just about connecting with leading tech YouTubers or Twitchers, but retro gamers, Minecrafters, makers, cosplayers (HALLOWEEN WEEKEND?!), comic book enthusiasts, pop culture tastemakers, and the like. I would love to see a crossover of these various communities because rarely, if ever, are any one of us squarely in one camp. We usually love geeking out over SO MANY THINGS — and we don’t get to meet and spend time with those people we love to watch online for hours on end at any other event. I don’t yet know which of these microcommunities wants Gnomedex more, but I REALLY want to bring them all together for a Medici effect.
  7. I’ve already lined up one key sponsor to help make Gnomedex happen, and am actively seeking other sponsors and partners to help ensure that this reimagining of Gnomedex (or, really, Gnomedex returning to its roots) is as successful as it can be.
  8. I opted to reuse the “Gnomedex” name brand because (a) we already had all the accounts for it, (b) I had a chance to match my original vision, (c) nobody could come up with anything better, (d) most larger geeky YouTubers remember me as “LockerGnome,” (e) I’m not stuck with tech as the only focal point — instead, looking to bring in pop culture (comics, toys, etc.), Minecrafters, etc.
  9. Ticket prices will vary and be announced soon — not likely being much more than $99.
  10. We will use our old Twitter account for updates along the way.

So why bring back Gnomedex now?

  1. Because it’s missing. Not just this event, but an event LIKE Gnomedex – there are no other YouTuber events that cater to the geeks and nerds. And all the geeky and nerdy cons don’t easily allow every attendee to interact with their favorite personalities.
  2. Because I believe it can work with enough support and kind attention.
  3. Because I found VloggerFair to be quite successful for its niche and approach (which happened to fit my ideas for the very first Gnomedex I helped produce well over a decade ago). It’s worth trying.
  4. Because I’d like to see about connecting with others to help me bring something like TechTV back to life. Yes, I know this has nothing to do with the event directly — but that’s another thing that so many people feel is missing. Much like with Gnomedex, I’d build that to be all-encompasing and inclusive of geek/nerd lifestyles and culture.

Think of my vision for Gnomedex to look and feel a lot like this — with more geeky and nerdiness happening:

So, stay tuned to all of our social feeds and what-have-you. I’m confident you haven’t been following me closely for the past few years, but I’m still on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and vlogging with daily live streams. I also have a Patreon campaign, of course.

Because I bet this was the first and will be the last time you bother to read my blog. 🙂