How to Fake Being a Hacker

Have you ever felt envious of your hacker friends? While they’re off making their fortunes, you’re watching The Matrix for the millionth time dreaming of a day when you can use your code to unlock the secrets of the world. Well, I can’t tell you how to become a master hacker. I can, however, give you three tips that will help you fake being a hacker…

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8 thoughts on “How to Fake Being a Hacker”

  1. This is so hilarious! I am actually going to try this out now! The best way to be the fastest and the best hacker in the classroom! Thanks for sharing this one. My first victim is my brother!

  2. I was in the library with my Cosplay friends, and for some reason a lot of them gathered around me just because I was looking for a way to access the terminal on one of the computers.

  3. Leet speak is not used commonly. It’s only used to confuse any onlookers that don’t know it.
    Binary time is extremely easy to learn. You wouldn’t even need to look at your cell phone.

  4. gettin swaety typin jibberish capn
    ha i dont need this if i open up cmd and type in net user they think i can steal the worlds identity

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