How to Be Productive from Home

Even if you don’t earn a living from home, you may find that having a space designated for being productive — with side jobs, hobbies, writing, reading, or whatever — is helpful for your mental well-being. And if you do earn a living from home, then you know that having such a space is imperative! You may call it your home office, or your den, or your library, or your study, or detention hall. It doesn’t really matter; I call the space where I write this — and from where you see me broadcast daily videos — my workshop.

Still, if you’re not careful, such a space can feel as confining as the cubicle in a soul-crushing office job that you hate. If it’s not a place where you genuinely enjoy spending time, then you’ll find yourself easily distracted. The kitchen, your living room, and your yard can act like magnets that draw you away from all that productive stuff you’re trying to accomplish!

Here are some of the best ways that I’ve found balance, and how to be productive from home…

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