How to Save Money with Movie Theaters

Sure, I watch plenty of movies in the privacy of my own home. But there’s still something magical about seeing an epic picture, larger than life, on a theater’s big screen. By the time admission’s paid and concessions have been bought, I vividly imagine the sound my wounded wallet would make if it could only cry out.

It’s a mournful, pitiful sound. It’s the sound of regret — of unnecessary pain imposed upon the unwilling.

Oh! And double the volume of that sound, because I don’t generally go to the movies by myself. That wallet’s been wounded twice.

Ouch! OUCH!

There’s no pride in paying full price — for anything — when it can be avoided. And while cinema ticket prices and concessions only ever seem to climb, there are quite a few ways to navigate around this seeming inevitability. Want to know how? Easy enough! Here’s how to save money with movie theaters…

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