When is It Time to Switch Platforms?

For whatever reason, you probably have a favorite computing and/or mobile platform. Maybe you’re not fanatical about it, but there are definitely people who take up the cause of their favorite platform with fervor comparable to that most commonly exhibited by frenzied televangelists and wide-eyed lunatics who yell at parked cars outside the liquor store.

If your favorite platform doesn’t match their favorite platform, you’re the heretic in their eyes. Which is really just a shame because… doesn’t the world have enough discord without inventing new and arbitrary ways to sow even more? We should be using technology to get us out of the ruts that our humanity has wrought and improve the situation for all. Instead, some choose to use it as a divider rather than a uniter. Have you ever had someone attempt to belittle you because you used (or didn’t use) Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, Android, Chrome OS, DOS, UNIX, AmigaOS, or… whatever? Did you have the good sense to tell them to stuff it? Good for you!

If you’ve still maintained your sanity in spite of being someone else’s idea of a blasphemer, then I salute you! It can be a rough road to travel. Being open minded about platforms means that you’re poised to enjoy the rewards of other platforms if the time ever comes for you to switch. And really, if you weren’t open to dabbling in other platforms, how would you even know what you’re missing by sticking to just one? It’s like Mom always used to say: “how do you know you don’t like [insert weird food here] if you’ve never even tried it?”

But even if you’re open to the idea of switching platforms, it’s possible (and quite natural) that you’re a little overwhelmed by the prospect — especially if you’ve only really made use of one over the long haul. So how do you know when it’s time to switch platforms? Having done so more than once in my life, I’ve got a few ideas…

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